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May 22, 2010 by alicemercer · 39 Comments · assignments

A class of fourth graders in Sparks, Nevada will be sending up a high altitude balloon with messages of hope on Thursday May 27th.  What is a message of hope?

  • Something you think our community (Oak Park) needs;
  • Something that you think would improve our school;
  • Something that would make the world a better place;

You can read more about it here.  Please leave a comment with your message of hope here, and I will give it to Mr. Crosby to include on the balloon. Remember, you are representing our school and community. Make sure your comment is appropriate, and reflects your best work. Thank you!

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  • aj

    What would make the world a better place is if people would put bottles recycle can and not waste paper.

  • Abigail S.

    I think if everybody gets along with each other the world would have more peace and quiet.

  • leng v.

    I hope people take care of other kind of people.

  • Madeline C.

    I hope that the children that doesn’t have a family or a home will get a really great family and a home.

  • mariaj

    I think Oak Park should have more trees and plants . I think that there should be less gangs and fighting all over Oak Park. I also think there should be more pools so in the summer we can go them!

  • Lisa S.

    My hope for this unit is that we should have more playgrounds and homeless should live in a family.

  • David.V

    I hope to have for the school to let the teacher stay in the school for as long as they want. Also I hope that the next principle will let the equal start go on.

  • See T.

    I hope that people can stop global warming. I also hope that people could start recycling more. That’s what I hope for.

  • yengv.

    I hope people take care of people.

  • matthew

    l think that they need to stop doing bad things to people.

  • Christy X.

    Something that would make the world better? Something that will make the world better is recycling. Recycling helps the Earth better because it is better to breath with when you have a lot of oxygen and trees. The trees help us by taking in carbon dioxide and that helps us a lot. This is going to make the World better.

  • Brandon

    I hope god could help the homeless . The either that he/she will do that to.thank you.


    I think that people should help our school.They should help our school because it is closing down next year.

  • aranza

    A message that you can write on the balloon is (STOP POLLUTING OUR PLANETS ENVIRONMENT) or maybe something more helpful and fun .

  • Colby.D

    I hope that people take care of each other and respect them to.We need people to stop fighting in this community.

  • Diana l.

    My hope is for every body to get along and help out like recycling and having community service.and I hope that homeless people and people who do not have a job be in a safe place.my last hope is to live a long and happy life for every body.

  • LaRhondra B.

    my hope is that oak park needs better people and better stores so that people do not die and live how they want to live and we need more fast food places then just taco bell.

  • Ricardo B.

    I hope that we can finish the year by doing good.

  • LoganP.

    I hope we can keep the teachers in the school and getting the old teachers back and replacing the new ones.

  • katie.n

    One thing Oak Park needs is more trees and plants. we also need to clean up the trash in our community.

  • JulieannaF.

    One thing that Oak Park needs is more trees and plants. Another thing to improve is our schools because the grades are not good. One more thing is that some thing to make the environment is we need to stat to save patrolmen, recycling bottles, reduce using less papers , and keep the planet clean. This is what we people of planet Earth needs to do to save the planet not to end. This is what I wrote about. Wait we especially need to save the rainforest. I am hoping that we can save this planet.

  • Yeng K.

    I hope we will stop global warming and save the earth.

  • Maurice.w

    I hope that the animals in the snow can survive and i want it to be better for them.

  • aiana

    I hope people will stop doing bad things.

  • richmond e.

    I hope people will stop doing drugs.

  • Rosa V.

    I hope to that the world won’t end in 2012.

  • Andre.M

    I hope that people will stop doing drugs. People will stop violence.

  • Jasmine m

    I hope for the kids who doesn’t have a home , someday will have a great family and a great home.

  • Emila A.

    I think that people in our world should be more considerate about what they do these days and should start recycling so that we don’t have to lose what we have to live on .

  • Natali

    I hope that there will not be so many gangs.

  • MontiA

    I hope that charity will give more money to people in need.I hope that people can get a better education.

  • Keith S.

    My hope is that people would stop spilling oil in the oceans. My other hope is that people would stop polluting the earth.

  • shaunaz

    My hope is that people with get along with each other, and I hope that people will stop having so much fights so we can have a better community.

  • TimothyV.

    I have one good high hope that people will stop hating on me and my family. The other high hope is that I have a great life.

  • Sonnt.T

    My hope is that people should stop putting oil in the water and stop littering on the on the street. My hope is that every one should pick up bottles,cans,and trash and put them in the trashcans and recycle the bottles.

  • Yuruvith S.

    My hope is that people should recycle, be more caring ,and less in the gang. Now days too many people don’t recycle which is bad for the environment because today there is only a bit of petroleum. Also people should be more caring because people are really mean to each other these days. The last and important is the less gangs in the environment. People are afraid because in the news their is too much violence in the community that they are even afraid to lose a beloved member of their family. People should have respect and treat others the way they want to be treated!!!

  • shelley v.

    I hope that the children or people will get what they want, and I also think that even though they get what they want they should do something good. Another thing is that people should recycle things and not let the state be very messy or dirty, so I think that this state will at least have a good a clean. I also hope that their will have no sticky finger in this school or the whole entire state , so their will be no people that go to Juvenal Hall just because they did something bad.

  • Adriana R.

    My hope is that people should all be friends and get along with each other. Also so we can save the world like recycling and many other things.

  • steven m.

    We should go green by making more trees like planting more. The reason I said that we should plant more because if we do that we would have more air to breathe.

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