42 thoughts on “Assignment #3

  1. hi my name is angela i am a soccer player

    Sports are great! Make sure you capitalize and have periods at the end of sentences.–Ms. Mercer

  2. My name is Cievia.I am 9 years old.My favortite subject at school is math.

    I’m glad you like Math!–Ms. Mercer

  3. Hi, my name is Ann-Margaret,and I’m 9 years old .
    My favorite color is red.And my favorite thing to do is play wall ball,and my favorite food is pizza.

    Thank you for sharing this with me Ann-Margaret!–Ms. Mercer

  4. My name is Yolanda A. I am 9 years old my favorite color is purple . My favorite activit is jump a rope.

    I used to love jumping rope too, it’s a great activity. You only need one space between words.–Ms. Mercer

  5. hi my name aarmon I like basketball

    Hi Aarmon, remember to start sentences with a capital letter, and end them with a period.–Ms. Mercer

  6. Hy my name is imil I lick to play on the computer. it is fun to play on the computer I play lots of gams with my freinds I have fun.

    Hi Imil! I’m glad you like to play on the computer.–Ms. Mercer

  7. My name is william.L .I like going to school.I have a few freinds. I have a few brothers and sisters.
    Thank you for not writing this in ALL CAPS. I’m glad you have friends and family, and enjoy school.–Ms. Mercer

  8. my name is valentino and i do not smoke. i like playing football.
    I’m glad you don’t smoke.–Ms. Mercer

  9. hi my name is Jose.I like bakugan.
    My son is a BIG bakugan fan. We have a bunch of them around the house.–Ms. Mercer

  10. My name is Emma i am 9 years old i speak Spanish my favorite color is sky blue.

    That is cool that you speak Spanish. I like blue too! You don’t need to put more than one space between your words.–Ms. Mercer

  11. Hi my name is bridgette . I am nine years old . I am in Ms. Soils class .My fravorite food is pasta and pizza.

  12. Hi.my name dioniosia .I love my mommy and my sister and my whole family in the whole wide world.

  13. Hi my name is gisell .I like to play wall ball.My favorite color is red .My favorite food is nachos.I am nine years old . My favorite drink is juice.

  14. Hi my name is Patricia Gutierrez .I have 1 sister and 1 brother my sisters name is Anallely and my brothers name is Angel my moms name is Elvira and my dads name is Luis.