Astronomy Lesson 4b: More Main Idea and Paraphrasing

  1. You will do a Google search to find a resource, or go to one of  these links.
  2. Find a paragraph to summarize or paraphrase (that means to put it in your own words and shorten it).
  3. Write what you learned in your own words
  4. You will also copy the URL (the link at the top) from the page you go to and paste that in your comment.

24 thoughts on “Astronomy Lesson 4b: More Main Idea and Paraphrasing

  1. they are the pigest planet. it is a pigest planet in the world. it is also cad jupiter.

  2. I learned that mars is red from its rust.Also that it is the fourth planet from the sun.And astronauts try to find true data if there is life on mars. BY: ASHLEY CLARK AND KIARA

  3. Astronomy is stars planets, comets, and galaxies and phenomena that originate outside the Earth’s atmosphere. It is concerned with the evolution of physics.

    • The moon is a satelite for earth.The moon was the only place astronauts had ever been on.

  4. Pluto:
    Pluto the farthest planet from the sun. It’s not a planet anymore. It is very cold.

  5. Pluto is not a planet it was a planet but not any more. and Pluto was the smallest planet.Now Pluto is not the smallest planet.

  6. The sun is a ball of gas that was blown into space billions of years ago.the sun is about 93 millions miles away from earth.If you go toward the sun you will be burned.

  7. Approximately 4.6 billion years ago, a cold cloud of gas and dust buried deep in one of the Milky Way galaxy’s spiral arms started to collapse. Perhaps strong winds from a massive star or a shock wave from a nearby supernova explosion triggered the collapse — from our distance in time, we’ll never know for sure.

    Whatever the cause, the force of gravity then started to work its magic: The cloud began to contract and fragment. One of those fragments was destined to become our Sun and the rest of the solar system. The other fragments also spawned stars that have long since moved away from their birthplace — there’s no way to determine which ones might have been our siblings. But while the star-formation process was going full bore, our small part of the galaxy probably looked like the Orion Nebula (M42) or one of the other similar star-forming regions we see around us today.

    What ever caused the gravitational pull then stared to its magic .
    The spawned star moved has from their birthplace.Similar star-formation region we see around us today.

  8. I have learned that Galileo found out that the earth revolves around the sun . I also learned that Eris was named after the goddess of conflict .

  9. I have learn that Galileo saw Jupiter.Galileo made a telescope and he said that the earth moves around.

  10. Today what i learn about is that the amtosphere that it has diffrent planets.Why is there a big belt and big planets in space?

  11. What I learned about this unit was that Mars is not hot , it is cold . And 20% of the planet is freezing cold.

  12. I had learned that Venus was close to being earth’s size. did you know that all the planet’s revive around the sun?

  13. I learned that Saturn has rings around it made out of rocks. And that Mars is cold even though it is red.

  14. I know that there are other planets besides Earth, like the planet Mars. mars is also 110 below 0 cold.