State Reports Lesson 1

Here are the links for you to get started on state reports:

For Ms. Kruse’s class, please pick a state, and answer three fact-based questions. Those are questions like the following:

  • When was the state admitted to the union;
  • How many people live there now;
  • What are important industries, or businesses in the state;
  • What is the state flower, bird, motto, or some other state symbol;
  • Where is the state located;
  • What is its size.

29 thoughts on “State Reports Lesson 1

  1. what i learn about my state is that my state is big and that is to windy and it is alabama

    • My state report is about alabama and It is windy over there and It was so cool to have a sate report and We also had to right about state,s in ELD also We had to right about state to much findly we were righting about the fifty states

  2. My state report was about Colorado. It was really fun to do.I mean like i know the state flower.the state bird. the state song or poem.the state highest point and even the lowest point.that is what i learned.

  3. I learned about my report of Oregon is that it is known for it’s landscapes. It’s state flower is a grape it is a yellow tiny flower. Did you know that Sacajawea lead Lewis and Clark to Oregon. When I first picked this state I thought it was going to be boring but it is a very interesting state. When I drew the state bird I drew it very fat.

  4. I learned that Hawaii nick names are The Aloha State, The Pineapple State, and The Coconut State. I also learned that the Polynesians gave Hawaii its name. Hawaii means ‘homeland and ‘small island’.They thought it was a perfect choice because its a small island and it is their homeland.

  5. One thing about my state Kentucky is it was a very interesting state.Such as it is the 15th state. It also had some hard stuff such as having to draw a flower which took for ever.Also there is many famous people.The last thing that I have to say is if you have picked this state have fun with it.

  6. What I learn about my state Missouri was about the Gateway Arch it is 630 feet tall. Another facts about I learn about Missouri was how it got it’s nickname “Show Me State”. It gets it nickname as a remembrance about the United States Congressman Willard Duncan Vandiver he made a special. All the famous people. Last fact I learn about my state was the population and the whether.

  7. One thing I learned about Nevada is that it has two alternative nicknames, Sagebrush state & the Battle Born state. I also, learned that the state bird is the mountain bluebird. Another, thing I learned is that the largest city is Las Vegas. The next thing I learned is that the state song is, “Home Means Nevada.” Finally, the last thing about my state is that Nevada is the 36th state in the union.

  8. North Dakota was hard but I had a lot of fun.My state was about its history.Its had some good things that I like.The float was so fun.But I think that can do better.That was so fun doing my state report.

  9. My state was interesting .It was the best and the easy one.The flag was easy but the flower was hard.It had a lot information and nicknames.everything was easy but took a long time.

  10. The state report was really fun.I had an interesting time doing this.The float was really fun too.I would like to do it again.I loved it.

  11. My state is very interesting.My nickname is the Natural State.Everything is easy except my famous people. My bird is very hard to draw but I printed it.My flag is very cool.

  12. the state report went good for some of the people but some finished there report but it was kind of hard for others I finished the report it was kind of intresiring to figer out things that that you didn’t now about the states that thay didn’t now about the state.

  13. What I learn about my state report is famous people. the state flower,state bird,state fish. the state tree called the buckeye tree . Ohio capital is Columbus.and my state is the 17 state. my state nickname is buckeye because they have so many buckeye trees.

  14. What I learned of my state report on Utah was is has salt.
    And i also learned that the largest city is Salt Lake City.
    Another thing I learned about my state Utah is Utah is the 45th state in the United States of America.also I learned that Utah entered the United States of America.And I also learned that the Utah bird is the California Seagull.

  15. My state report on Wisconsin was wonderful . I finished my state report and I was like no i want to do it again. I also loved it when you let us come over and work on it . Wisconsin is the best state I ever . You know that I really loved it and if you do a state report you should do it on Wisconsin

  16. On my state report I had to write about Colorado.Writing about Colorado was fun to me. I learned about their state flower,bird, and lots more. I also learned about there population.That is what I learned about my state report.

  17. I got five reasons to talk about my state. One its very interesting.Two its a cool place.Three I like the color of my flag.Four its very hot in Arizona.And five Arizona is a kinda big place

  18. My state report was really fun to do because I got to learn more stuff about my state that I didn’t know about.My favorite part of my report was doing the float because I got to represent my state,Washington.Washington was fun to do because I learned a lot of stuff I didn’t know about.I got a lot of information like how Washington got it’s name.That was what I learned about.

  19. I learned from my state report that native Americans were the first people that settled in Tennessee.I never knew that The Great Smoky Mountains were in Tennessee. I also learned that the Tennessee state flower is an Iris and the state bird is an mocking bird.How Tennessee became a state is cool to. Tennessee was found in 1796

  20. What I learned about my state is its nickname is the Bay State.
    It is also the 6 state in the United States.
    It is one of the thirteen colonies.
    Its capital is Boston and a lot famous people came from their.
    John Cena was born in Massachusetts.

  21. On my state report I learned a lot of things about New Jersey .
    All of the information that I found on New Jersey I found it on internet , dictionary and Atlas . The state flower is so beautiful.
    The state flag is hard but I steel did it.State bird was easy to but I trance the state bird .

  22. I learned that Oklahoma nickname is the Sooner state . It’s 46th state in America . It’s south west above Texas , below Kansas ,to the left of Arkansas and Louisiana , to the of New Mexico . Oklahoma means ” Red People ” . Its state bird is Scissor tailed-fly catcher .

  23. What i learned about my state was that it was token over by great Birtain but America bought it over be cause of a spy set to Birtain so then the spy founed out that the king of Birtain love money so then the spy sent a messge to America so Geroge Wasington desided to buy the rocky moutain the money was sent over to the king and he had espect the deal, so then mississippi was founed. and that what i learned about my state.

  24. The state report was good to people because they learn about there state like the capital of Minnesota is St Paul and we learn a lot of thing about our states it was really boring doing it but it was fun a little bit

  25. I learn about of Texas that have famous people . Another fact about Texas is interesting because of the important state flower, bird, tree, animal, etc. I also learn about the population and the whether . The most fun stuff to do is the float. The last fun part was the coloring the state flag .

  26. well doing the state Indiana was a little difficult. The float was very easy to do. all you had to do was dacerate a shoe box. all you had to do to find out information was to go to 50 well thats all i need to say