Dollars and Sense Lesson 1: Buyer Beware!

Today, we learned how companies try to sell stuff to you that you may, or may not, need. What have you learned about advertising and marketing to kids? Send a two sentence comment. After you are done, do the activities below:

Many of those athletic shoes being sold to kids are made by kids, in really nasty factories called sweat shops. Learn about this as you play a game at SIM*SWEATSHOP

Do some of the other activities at Don’t Buy It | PBS KIDS GO!

31 thoughts on “Dollars and Sense Lesson 1: Buyer Beware!

  1. I learn that you don’t get a lot of money and you have to spend your money for food.

  2. I learned that working in the sweatshop is a good idea because you can learned how to make shoes.

  3. I learned that you have to work fast.It was not a good choice to work there.You will lose money because you will not work fast enough.