Year in Review Lesson 1

Please look back at these goals you set at the beginning of the year. Answer the following questions:

  1. What was your goal?
  2. Did you meet your goal? If you had a goal of doing better on the CST, we don’t know that yet, but your last benchmark test should give you an idea of how you are doing.
  3. What helped you meet your goal? Or, what kept you from meeting your goal?

8 thoughts on “Year in Review Lesson 1

  1. My goal was to make this star test.I think I maybe made my goal.My teacher helped me do my goal.

  2. My goal was to have a good school year.Also to have good friends.I didn’t make my goals because of my class mates.

  3. My goal was to have a great year and pass 4th grade.I am passing the 4th grade YES.I had a soso good year MAYBE.I think i reached my goal a little bit. My fiends helped me, Akilah.

  4. I was not here in the beginning of the year but at my old school was I never wanted to talk. My dad said that I can’t talk and it was really hard when I would do that my friends would try to talk to me but I wouldn’t answer them . So at recess they were mad at me and I didn’t want them to be but we would become friends at the end of the day. I still kinda talk but you can’t blame me I’m not the only one but I try not to and I’m still trying my goal, I never give up on something when I start I never quit.

  5. My goal was to do my homework and to do my work in class.And to be respectful in class and productive, and to be respectful to the teachers and staff. I met my goal because I tried my very best.

  6. I want to get advanced on math of the star test and proficient on language arts. I really want to pass the fourth grade because some times I talk to much in class so ya. The other thing why I to pass fourth grade is because on every star test I either get advanced or proficient on my star test this year. What helped me this year was Mrs.Ramil teaching us about math and language arts.

  7. In the beginning of the school year my goal was to read better and to be very good in math.I did meet my goal because now I read better and I am good in math.Mrs. Ramil helped me to reach my. Not studying kept me from not reaching my goal.

  8. To pass fourth grade is to do good on the test that was my goal. I met my goal. Something that helped my goal was my family. To get along and what helped me to get along is to ignore others.