30 thoughts on “Cooperation and Competition: Cooperation in Akeelah and the Bee

  1. They help her by telling her to spell the word to them .They are helping her to win on the spelling bee.

  2. She get good cooperation because they are help her with the spelling bee.when the competed she was in 1 place.

  3. I think that the cooperation that she has helps her because they trust her and she belive in her self.

  4. It help her how to spell the word because if she practice spelling them she will know how to spell them.

  5. It help her pass the the spelling bee.Then later she can pass any spelling bee there are in her school.

  6. Akeelah and the bee won the spelling bee because people help her cooreperate .And that helps her win the spelling bee.

  7. Akeelah knows that she is getting help because everywhere she gos see gets help from different people.

  8. The way she gets all the words right is because she studies and her friends and family help her.The principal and her coach helped her study also.

  9. Cooperation helps Akeela in the bee by her friend stalling the judges and she made it on time to the Spelling Bee.