Dream Speech, Period 5

Dear sophomores,

You’ve been working hard to inspire others to follow you, both as an expert on a specific research topic and as a speechwriter. Your dream speeches are an important contribution to our class, our community, and our world. Your thoughts and ideas can have wide-ranging implications to help ease suffering and usher in a new era of peace and prosperity. All you have to do is imagine!

  1. Review: Make sure that your dream speech is just the way you want it, free from simple spelling and grammar errors, and full of those persuasive rhetorical techniques we have studied.

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3. Read and reply: Once your classmates begin to upload their dream speeches, you can reply. Identify what you like about the speech; look for good examples of rhetorical techniques. Share other questions or ideas you have about the speech. Keep it positive. If you have a concern, you might consider speaking to that person directly rather than leaving a comment. Please comment on AT LEAST TWO of your classmates’ speeches. Also, our goal is to leave comments with each student writer, so everyone feels acknowledged for their ideas and hard work.

Thank you for all of your hard work and risk taking!

Kind Regards,

Mr. Coey

39 thoughts on “Dream Speech, Period 5”

  1. Gisselle Ramirez
    English 10
    Mr. Coey
    Food Security
    The obtainment of food for all is the most essential human right, but despite that there are still 805 million people in the world that are undernourished. Living day by day in impoverished countries with a scarcity of food, the most vital source of energy for life. Exactly seventy years ago the United Nations signed the Universal Declaration of Human rights, a document that stated the fundamental rights that were to be held for everyone regardless of any outside factors, article 25 of the text stated that every human had the right to a modest life one with guaranteed clothing, housing, and ultimately food. Yet seven decades later these affirmations are just words on a page because even though food was considered an essential to everyone, hunger is currently the number one cause of death, hunger murders a child every 3.6 seconds, and hunger is still the world’s number one bully.
    Global hunger has transformed itself into a worldwide plague. A plague that shows no compassion to anyone. It targets the countries and nations that are underdeveloped and are surviving in the middle of poverty. The grip of hunger is firm one that tightens at the risk of escape because even if people may try to overcome starvation their country doesn’t have the resources due to landscape, agriculture, or economy to maintain a surplus of food for all locally. That is why many are found drowning in the profound ocean of hunger. Without a single hope of emerging from the vast suppressing waters that engulf them.
    Why is it that with the countless number of charities created to end hunger there has been no definite end to the problem? The truth is hunger isn’t a problem of an inadequate stock of food, hunger is a problem due to poverty and power. The extreme poverty in countries forms a blockade that denies resources like food from entering, yet neighboring countries with wealth and power are reluctant to providing help. Most of the families dealing with famine in Africa do not have enough money to buy food, neither money to maintain farms. Another factor is the extreme carelessness of food wastage. The amount of food thrown out yearly is calculated to be enough to feed two billion people, despite there being 868 million people hungry. Hunger isn’t a simple side problem it is a problem that should be a priority to solve.
    I see undernourished children, ones whose bones and rib cages can be viewed with ease, while on the other side of the world someone eats about half of the meal on their plate and the rest is destined for the trash. I hear the endless sirens of hunger, the cries of a starving child whose only way to be silenced is by the presence of food. I feel the pain at the image of malnourished people, humans like you and me cringing at the gut-wrenching punches of their growling stomachs.
    Now is the time to make the word hunger an undefined term. A word that can be used only as a history listen for future generations.
    Now is the time to make the idea of food for all a reality despite race or social class. For the more than seventy million people in China surviving through prolonged hunger and famine. For India the country that makes up a quarter of all malnourished people in a global sense. For the more than 6.4 million households in America that live in an insecure food status, and even for the forty percent of children in Sub-Saharan Africa that grow up with deficiencies due to denutrition.
    Now is the time to free the slaves controlled by hunger into a new place a world where the need for food will be fulfilled. A world where hunger does not control, but instead we control hunger.
    We will not stop in the fight to end world hunger until there no longer are cries from a mom whose child has died due to prolonged starvation, until the idea of three meals a day is not considered a far-off luxury but instead a normal necessity for all, and not until all countries do not only look to better the hunger status of their country, but also look to better and heal the wounds of their neighboring broken nations.
    I have a dream that hunger will be banished from corners of city to city.
    I have a dream that hunger will go from being the leading cause of death seeming an impossible problem to solve to being the most entirely possible problem to solve.
    I have a dream that even though our world can be bitter, that even though our world can be hostile, that even though our world can be unkind, the world can at one moment unite to fight it’s most persistent issue, hunger.

  2. Maria Flores-Rivera
    Dream Speech
    Adv. English
    Mr. Coey
    The Humanity of Respect
    From the past pilgrims of America to the present day undocumented peoples, immigration has always been a concept. The concept of moving to build a better life and to escape tyranny has always existed. For many of us, our parents, grandparents, uncles, or aunties migrated here, to these United States, for just those reasons. Back in the 90’s, my very own father traveled here to escape his war torn country of El Salvador.
    We come here with pure intentions, to pursue freedom in this land of opportunity. We work tirelessly: field workers picking grapes, construction workers restoring powerlines, teachers teaching their subjects in this land of opportunity. We are forever grateful for the chance to live in this land of opportunity.
    When others are hateful towards us they say, “Go back to your country. If it’s violent and broken, fix it.” They say, “What if someone destroyed their own house, then broke into your house, ate your food, stole your money, and took your bed? Wouldn’t you feel anger as well?” They say, “I don’t care. If you migrated illegally, you are a criminal and deserve to be punished,” and then they turn a blind eye to the impact that the United States has had on Latin America, as well as continents like Asia and Africa. The United States tear apart our countries with coup d’etats and the backing up of civil wars. Americans like William Walker dehumanize us in our own countries. They break us, then they refer to us as Banana Republics, and then they blame us for these conditions.
    This country, built by immigrants for immigrants, now hates immigrants. What can we, as immigrants, do to prove our worth? The truth is, we are already enough. The truth is that those who drop out of school are as worthy of respect as our valedictorians. The truth is, that whether or not the Bill Of Rights pertains to undocumented immigrants, The Universal Declaration of Rights certainly do. We have the right to life, liberty, and the security of person, regardless of our status. We are people of love and hope. We should not have to defend ourselves for wanting to see the clear, blue sky once more, or for wanting to see a smile on our children’s faces when we teach them to swim, or for wanting to hear the birds chirp and feel the wind on our face on a spring day. These are the rights that we are entitled to and we are going to continue exercising them.
    I see our children’s tear-stained faces, sobbing at night because they miss their father, whose always working to pay off bills, or who doesn’t want anything to do with his children, or who hasn’t been heard of in years, ever since he was deported. I feel the pain of our mothers, always struggling to make money last, always struggling because of their disabilities, always struggling to maintain strength. I hear the prayers of our fathers. They want to make their family happy, but it seems as if everyone is against him. Still, they work. They are constantly working, it seems.
    Now is the time for The United States to accept responsibility for their actions. It is the time to progress through the half a million pending immigration cases. It is the time to accept and embrace immigrants with open arms. It is the time to educate ourselves and to respect others. It is time to stand up for ourselves and change these harmful laws in which we simply cannot accept.

    1. I enjoyed your use of higher tier words which made it stand out. I also like that you debunked the stereotypes. Imagery was awesome, I also noticed the repetition, good job

  3. This is really good, I love how you took all of the minorities and kind of debunked their stereotypes. Nice Job!

  4. Shen Xiong

    Social media. Looking out the windows of the city and what do you see? People walking with their eyes glued on to their phones. Now days, this generation and every future generation will be using social media. Younger and younger kids are using social media, and with that they are not aware of their surroundings. What do you think would happen if they are not looking out for themselves in the streets? Any accidents could occur and why do you think how that had happened? Maybe we should keep our eyes off the screen and keep our eyes on the streets. This doesn’t go for just the young but for the older human beings in the world too. Know that texting and driving is a problem.

    Social media. A place where age doesn’t matter. How old do u think kids on social media are? Social media is influencing young teens and preteens to look older than their age, maybe even act older than their age. Kids shouldn’t be putting their noses in their phone but be putting their noses in books. Social media, popularity, the amount of likes and comments you get on a single picture does not matter. What matters is your place in the future. This future generation should keep head in school and act their age. We are here in the world so we can help grow the future.

    Social media is keeping us away from that and it’s like a virus. Sending us messages about how we should look, how we should treat others, how we should communicate, and how easily it is to make friends online, but does all that really happen in reality. Remember, that social media is just a virtual reality we are living in, a cyber community where we can get together online but does that really help how you talk to a person face to face in reality. Like a popular french artist, JR, said, “the more social media we have, the more we think we are connecting, yet we are really disconnecting from each other.”

    Social media. It’s really making a change to the world, but let me ask you, do you want to live in this kind of world? Do you want to live in a world where kids make themselves look older which could attract predators like pedophiles, and stalkers? Do you want to live in a world where this generation is being manipulated by what they see online? Do you?

    We can make a change to this world of social media. Get off your phones and look forward. Social media isn’t all about life, so put your phones away and live your own life in reality. Who knows? You might find an opportunity that might get you to your dreams.

  5. Mercedes Torres
    Sexual Assault
    Period 5

    Sexual assault is an act in which a person sexually touches another person without that person’s consent, or coercion or physically forces a person to engage in a sexual act against their will. As of 1998, an estimated 17.7 million American women have been victims of attempted or completed r*pe and 2.78 million men in the US have been victims of attempted or completed r*pe. Even our “heroes” are being assaulted.

    I feel like some people take sexual assault as a joke, especially when it comes to men, whether they be the prey or predator.
    I hear people saying, “ she asked for it” or “ you’re a man, you’re supposed to like it”.
    I see people crying in corners wishing it wasn’t true, prancing down the yellow brick road to Oscar Zoroaster Phadrig Isaac Norman Henkle Emmannuel Ambroise Diggs

    Because we no longer sit in the jail cells of purity but in the swamps of guilt
    Because we are told that we asked for it, like we willingly tagged along with the hooded man called trust

    When will we learn that what we wear does not matter
    When will we learn that what we say does not matter
    When will we learn that what happened was wrong
    When will we learn that what happened was not our fault
    When will we learn that speaking up is a weapon within itself

    My dream is for children, women, and men to speak up
    Now is the time to share your story
    Now is the time to bathe in the fact that you are still here
    They may have taken your body but they did not take your voice

    We must not wallow in our despair, but celebrate in our convictions
    We must remember that we are not victims, but survivors

    # ME TOO

    1. I really love your speech! It was organized, neat and your speech really caught my attention. I liked how the speech wasn’t just for women but for men too. It shows how not just women/ girls get assaulted but men/boys too. Your speech sounded powerful and outstanding.

    2. i agree with you that we should speak for ourselves and only. Even if today is the worst, tomorrow/the future will be the best. if you do not speak it out how would those out there know? no one can read mind. Always keep it a positive vibe, do good and it’ll be just the way you want.

    3. I enjoyed how you used the combination of metaphorical imagery as well as parallelism when you contrasted the “jail cells of purity” with the “swamps of guilt”. I’m also interested in the imagery of “jail cells of purity” because jail cells have a negative connotation, whereas purity has a positive connotation.

  6. I Have a Dream

    Homeless veterans, America’s homeless veterans have served in world war two, The Korean war, The Cold war, Grenada, Panama,Lebanon,Persian Gulf war. Most of them have fought in Afghanistan Iraq and Vietnam war. I see veterans suffering post traumatic stress disorder known as (PTSD). I hear them asking for help, begging, even working for at least one dollar. I hear them crying and screaming from fear of sadness or from suffering post traumatic stress disorder. I feel them as they have a lack of family support or social.

    Homeless veterans are like fallen or lost guardian angels. Guarding angels who sweared to defend you or bodyguards who protect the United States of America. Now is the time to start helping the people who fought for this country for us!! Now is the time to give our veterans hope in life again. Now is the time to start building organizations for all the veterans and homeless. Like our thirty third president Harry S. Truman said, “ Our debt to the heroic men and valiant women in the service of our country can never be repaid they have earned our undying gratitude, America will never forget them for their sacrifices”.
    I have a dream that all the veterans feel like they are at home at their great country the United States of America. I have a dream that the United states and our world is a equal world and country without discrimination or racism or civil wars. I have a dream that we realize we are the same race we are brothers and sisters. If you are reading this you need to watch this video made by Five Finger Death Punch- Wrong side of heaven, a band who support our veterans and our troops of the United States of America.

    By: Miguel Ochoa Zambrano

  7. Julia Lara
    I have a dream
    Each day, every hour, every year, in every country there is a specific innocent child who is being mistreated, an innocent child who is questioning why are they the ones being tortured? An innocent child who is in search for help. An innocent child who is in need of comfort and has done no harm.
    I see children who are in need of love, defenseless human beings, being pushed around. I hear cries, screams of the unwanted, who seem that they are trapped in hell and can’t find an escape. I feel pain, melancholy, I feel like as if they are monsters controlling them and forcing them to do as they say.
    Abused children cry a river because the abuser’s words are deadly. Those cruel words are weapons. They leave scars on the innocent child’s mind and leaves wounds in the child’s fragile heart. “The root of all evil is abuse of power”. Abused children need to know that they are not their abuse. They are not what the abusers did to them, it is not their fault. They are strong souls that survived. They are the courage that one day will escape.
    Now is the time to change their lives, to be a light for those who live in darkness. To be the hope that they are waiting for. The hope that delivers miracles, the miracles that exist in the invisible. Now is the time to speak the truth, even if there are a million obstacles thinking it could stop you. Now is the time to cure their broken hearts that have been damaged.
    Like the great ex-president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela once mentioned, “There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children”.
    I have a dream, that children one day will not be worried about any problem, but will be joyful, playing, not living a nightmare.
    I have a dream that Child abuse will vanish forever.
    I HAVE A DREAM that soon children will live in a world wherein every direction there is peace and comfort.

  8. Llyary Alvarez
    Strong powerful women and girls continue to suffer discrimination and violence in every part of the world today. Only four out of over 135 nations have achieved gender equality. And the rest are still judged by being a women everywhere they go. Let the strength of all women break down the wall of sexism like a wrecking ball.
    I see a women being harassed, sexually assaulted or raped every time they go out.
    I hear voices of mothers, girls, women fighting for their human rights.
    I feel the inequality and the stereotypes for being a women.
    Queen Beyonce, a famous singer, said “ You know, equality is a myth, and for some reason, everyone accepts the fact that women don’t make as much money as men do. I don’t understand that. Why do we have to take a backseat?”. Men earn 2.4 percent more money than women. And have the same hours, same job ,same education as a women. And women are still paid less. We still don’t live in a society where we are all being treated “equal”. And that’s okay. What should really matter is to have equidity. Sometimes we don’t want to admit it but men do take advantage of women. Just because the fact were “ women”. Just because in society’s eyes were seen as the “ weak” ones. We as a nation should stop this discrimination and use our powerful voices.
    Now is the time to end gender inequality.
    Now is the time for women to stand up and speak up against violence.
    Now is the time to let women wear what they want without being judged.
    Hillary Clinton, the first lady, said “Women’s rights are human rights, and human rights are women rights.” Like the declaration of independence states that all men are created equal. Human rights apply for everyone men and women. And women should have the same rights as men do. Our gender, race, or age should not stop us from being treated differently.
    I have a dream that one day trafficking drowns in a sea of grief.
    I have a dream that one day young men and young women have equal opportunities.
    I have a dream that one day a person’s gender won’t let them stop from achieving their dreams.
    I have a dream that one day we have wage equality once and for all.
    I have a dream that one day people value how without a “women” you wouldn’t be able to be here in this world.
    I have a dream that one day women can walk down the street without the fear of being catcalled, harassed, or raped.
    I have a dream of equal rights for every woman throughout the world.

    1. Yari I’m speechless. This is a powerful speech . It grabbed my attention right away when i read the first line! you used all the rhetorical techniques. Great Job!

  9. Linda Ma


    People all over the world, come here to America to make their life better, but they go through many struggles being immigrants. We don’t see the lives of the immigrants, but we know what they go through. Many think it’s the same as all humans in this world, but they don’t feel the pain that all immigrants go through. But we do see the cries of the families suffering.

    I see those who are rejected, forgotten, and denied.
    I hear the voices of who are people striving for a better life.
    I feel the broken hearts of children whose parents have been deported.

    The tears on the faces of all immigrants are like the raindrops during a thunderstorm
    The loud cries of a wolf’s howl

    Now is the time to stand up for those who are called “illegal humans”.
    Now is the time to help those who struggle through the life of being an immigrant.
    Now is the time to come together as a whole and treat everybody equally.

    In the “I Have a Dream” speech by Martin Luther King Jr., who delivered the speech in 1963, describes how all humans are equal and should be treated equally. Everybody should be treated the same because we are all humans that were given a chance to live in this world.

    I have a dream where all tears of sadness become tears of joy.
    I have a dream for all immigrants to have the same opportunities like all humans have
    I have a dream for all children from all over the world have the education that they want to become successful like all children do

    1. I really love your speech! Good job! It’s really powerful. I like your metaphorical images . And how you wrote about immigrants families feelings.

    2. I like how you compared the tears of immigrants to the rain during thunderstorms. When reading that line, I imagined the loud and bold sound of thunder and I feel it is accurate and interesting to compare this to immigrant’s tears.

  10. Pa Chia Yang

    I have a dream

    Around the world, every second, every minute, every hour, every day you wouldn’t know, innocent children, toddlers, and teens are getting abused. I see a crime. I see cuts. I see bruised skin. I hear crying like waterfalls. I hear voices asking for help. I feel unstable. I feel heartbreaking to the bottom of my soul. These children are getting beat up like pinatas. A bird closed in a cage is seeking for its way out but there’s no solution.
    Now is the time to wake up to reality and ban child abuse in the community. Now is time to save all the children and kids away from their insane parents. Now is the time to show you are the hero who saved someone’s life from death. Now is time to show kids who are always tortured to the outside of their nightmare bubble. Now is the time to cure all their bruised skin. Show them that they still have brighter days to explore what they still need to see out there in the world. Make one day of their life the best moment they could have ever had from day one.
    Like the great Dave Pelzer’s quote, an author is best known for his 1995 memoir of childhood abuse, “ Childhood should be carefree, playing in the sun, not living a nightmare in the darkness of a soul.”
    I have a dream to help all children that are getting abused and are forgotten how important they are to forget about the miserable like they are having, push away that depression and put a smile on their beautiful faces.
    “ I HAVE A DREAM that that miserable life they are having could be twisted around to be the opposite, and the guardians they are living with would show they’re loving, caring, and doting towards their own child. “

  11. Melefifita Finau
    Mr. Coey
    English Honors 10
    Water Scarcity
    1.2 billion people, ⅕ of the world’s population, and 500 million more are humans in regions suffering the dreadful situation of water scarcity. Water scarcity is among the main problems to be faced in the 21st century today. Countries in Africa, South America, and rapidly growing parts of Asia are quickly facing unexampled state of affairs whereas they are forced to face alone with no aid, no help. It’s difficult to imagine millions of families who struggle providing and fighting to supply their loved ones with all the available resources as they can. It’s a life or death situation for them. Our body is made of 60% water, with most of it contained in our cells, so having water is not a choice. All of humanity needs water to thrive, to live.

    All humans are meant to be born free and equal in rights, and act upon each other with brotherhood. How can we demonstrate our universal rights when we can’t even obey it? Yes, we do live in such a developed and economically thriving country, although half of our kind are suffering and dying slowly as we sit away. The fresh water that I consider a survival resource for us all, is being divided and distributed unequally through greedy corporation companies ready to make a dime.

    As these companies do so, I can already feel the children’s tears rapidly falling over their cheeks like a landslide over boulders. Let us make change because at the same time, thankfully, I hear flowing water streams of help hurriedly racing their way towards the hopes of these children.

    This call–this stream of hope racing their way, is us. We are the difference. We are kind and we do care. Here is the time we allow those water streams of giving to quench the thirst of those who lost faith. Here is the time we lift the weary heads of those fallen, and push them towards the dream of life.

    Because we can.

    Jay Z, a world renowned rapper, promotes water crisis’ happening around the world to engage his audiences of all ages to be aware and support those in need. Anybody can help. Even though we are young, we are also powerful. Don’t let age be a reason why we must not help our family on the other side. Let us make change so we can grow together, not as a country, but as humanity itself can develop.

    “ Ain’t nothin wrong with the aim, just gotta change the target. “

    1. Shen Xiong

      I really love your speech! You gave excellent information about the other people/ families in the world who doesn’t get as much water as we do. It really makes us think more about using water in our homes.

  12. Hassan Ali
    Dream Speech
    Honors English 10
    Mr. Chris Coey
    My fellow students as you know our planet is dying. Ever since the Industrialization Era we have been treating this planet of life like a garbage can, we just throw all our garbage into the planet. Every day we wake up happy that we are alive and healthy but we never stop to think about the planet. We live in a world, maybe the only world that supports life and we are just destroying it by polluting every bit of it.
    We can either let the plant die or let it thrive with life by cleaning up after ourselves and using the three basic r’s every day. We can’t become silent and end our life when it is easy for us to change our way of life and make it better for future generations. We have to put it upon ourselves to make it better for our kids and grandkids to come. Let us make this planet the best one for future generations to come. So let us unite to clean this planet of opportunities and life.
    With all of these different pollutions, I say let us work together to clean mother earth. Let’s work to rebuild mother earth. Let’s stop wars and make peace so that we can clean and rebuild mother earth. For that our lives may depend on it one day.
    I have a dream that we will live in a clean world. I have a dream that cities will smell like a clean house and not like a landfill. I have a dream that people won’t die because of a polluted world. I have a dream that we will become one beautiful planet after working together to rebuild this planet from the suffering that we have put it through.

    1. Hassan can I just say that it is a speech that makes me rethink the way we have been treating the earth and it opens our eyes to a cleaner earth that we can achieve today.

    2. For starters what are you doing to help our the community? when did the problem arouse? Is this the only planet being polluted? How do we know what a clean house smells like if the whole world is polluted? there are still many questions that haven’t been answered but good job anyways.

  13. Felix Lopez

    “ Pro-Life”
    Hello my fellow classmates, teachers, brothers, sisters, and friends, I am here today to tell you that there has been a problem in this world we live in, that has gone on since 1821 and has to this day still not been stopped, people believe it is fine to throw away a child before it is born, like it was a piece of trash.

    From 1970-2014 there has been 44,498,750 reports of abortions which means that there has been more than 40,000,000 children who did not get the chance to live their lives. 43 per 1,000 women abort in England within one year. We say that we want to see a change in this world but what are we doing to help because if we don’t? Will there be a world if the generation to come doesn’t arrive because their mothers didn’t think it was fit to have them? “ We must be the change we wish to see in the world”.

    There has been a saying. That the world ended for the dinosaurs because of a meteorite that hit this world along time ago. To this day there are many people who are scared that we might be destined to relive the same fate. But what we don’t notice, is while we are trying to save ourselves, no one is thinking of the little ones that are to come, and because of it we might just be killing ourselves to extinction, because every cause has an effect an impact on society. If we don’t try to help our fellow women and convince them to stop having abortions we will become extinct. “I alone cannot change the world, but i can cast a stone across the water to create many ripples”. We stand stronger together than we ever will apart.

    Children are a gift from the lord; they are the fruit of the womb from which they came. They have been in our past, and they should be in our future. They will be the people that form the populations to fill the cities, the towns, the villages and the countries we have. Children are the water of purity that purifies us from all our sins. They are the ones who fight for us to keep us safe from the gripping Jaws of destruction. Children are our totems of redemption that we are to help them find their way, so we can find ours.

    We can help make this world better by allowing the child to be born, and if he/she is not wanted by the mother. There are couples all over the world that would love to adopt that child because they can’t have children of their own. Only then can we truly say that this is the country of the land of the free. There are three things a child should always have even if they are in the stage of a fetus which are justice, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    We can never be satisfied until our rights extend to those that need it the most. We can never be satisfied until they are also free to live. We will never be satisfied until the child who is helpless is helped. We can never be satisfied until even the fetus is considered a human being like us. We can never be satisfied until their voices are heard as an equal to ours. We can never be satisfied until my children can play with those children. We can never be satisfied until we do our part to cause the change.

    1. Felix your speech is amazing I love your references to previous events and how you add hard facts into your speech which really draws the reader in. Don’t change anything about you speech I give it 110%. It helps people understand the negative side of abortion.

    2. Really interesting and awesome. you supported your speech with strong evidence showing when and how much it had happened. It was really strong when u stated about those mother’s who didn’t want their child could take the child to adoption care. Those who want to have children of their own couldn’t even and those who could are just taking advantage of what others couldn’t have.

  14. Poverty

    Poverty is the life of the poor.

    Poverty is living under $2 a day.

    Poverty is living in harsh conditions,no money,barely any food to eat.

    I see the pain of the poor. I hear the homeless crying for help. I feel sadness looking at how they live.

    They cry for hope like a baby crying for their mother. They fight the war of poverty every second,every minute,every hour,every day,every week,every month,every year.

    Now is the time we eliminate poverty. Now is the time we help the poor. Now is the time we respect the poor. Now is the time we give jobs to the poor for a better future for their families.

    Like the great president Barack Obama, “I believe the United States has a moral obligation to lead the fight against hunger and malnutrition, and to partner with others.’’

    Also like the great Nelson Mandela, “Poverty is not an accident,like slavery and apartheid, it is man-made and can be removed by the actions of human being.”

    1. I love your allusion of Nelson Mandela. Your Nelson Mandela’s quote is so befitting for your topic. It also emphasizes the cause and solution of poverty.

  15. Mykel Jones

    I Have A Dream

    Sexual orientation, skin tone, race, religion, and personality. These are the qualities we look at when we meet people, some we view more important than others. Our country’s National Anthem states that we are the land of the free, but discriminate continuously. If you are Homosexual of transgender, they say you are disobeying the version of the kind of person that America wants you to be. If you are Hispanic they say you are an illegal immigrant that steals the jobs from the true Americans. If you are Black they say you are criminally uneducated citizens that will amount to nothing. If you are Muslim they say you are labeled a terrorist. These are the stereotypes we place on people and we use to discriminate against them. LIke Dr.King, a civil rights leader, once said let’s judge by the content of someone’s character not by the color of someone’s skin. They are unjust to their fellow human beings.

    Homosexuality shouldn’t be labeled as horrible, but a freedom of expression and freedom to love. Hispanics should be treated like the citizens they truly are. Blacks should be treated like people, not criminals. Muslims should be treated like a Christian would want to be treated.

    We need to end the sharing of hate and begin the spreading of love. Every American has the freedom to love whoever and whenever and freedom of religion. Today is the day where we say enough is enough and ban together to create a brighter future. We will not be shunned and we will not be silenced. We will fight like one-billion soldiers. There is no true definition of an American we were built on immigrants and others so what is the difference. Just because you are White or you are Christian doesn’t put you ahead of anyone else.

    Calling all Hispanics: come out and fix our broken legal system.Calling all African Americans: ban together to break the harsh stereotypes placed on us from birth. Calling all people that have ever been discriminated: come out to fight with us. Gay, Straight, Bisexual, Transgender, Black, Hispanic, Muslim, Asian, everyone we must unite if we want to see change. America will never truly be great until we unite as one.We will fight against hate before we become hate. We will dance in the valley of justice united and strong, hand in hand as brothers and sisters. This land is your land and this land is my land.

    1. I like your attitude that everyone has to be respected that stereotypes aren’t true , the simile at the end, repetition of the word “we” in paragraph 3 . Overall a very well written essay.

      1. Very good essay and like how you used all the stereotypes and that stereotypes are not true that they don’t exist…Good job

    2. I really love your speech it’s amazing! I like how you put examples of the stereotypes that go on throughout the world. Also, I like how you use ” calling all .. ” to represent that we shouldn’t be afraid to speak up.

    3. Mykel, let me firsts say !!WOW!!
      I really loved your speech it didn’t just hook me in it made me want to continue reading on. You have what it takes to start up a march so that we fight for this country as its not an object thats easily claimable. I loved the question ” Who is a true American?” becauses that a question no one can answer. Who even knows if Christianity is all wrong maybe its them who are challenging the actual belief of god. Keep up that growth mindset of yours cause its gonna get you places. P.S. you left me breathless with this speech. 🙂

    4. You contain this fierce and strong attitude whereas it can be shown through an audience and your tone sticks out. You have this ability to have this rhythm with people, and in the poem you show it through the connections for all ethnicities you provided. You presented stereotypes that they all go through, and listed how it affected them. I would say my favorite line was “We will fight against hate before we become hate”. It was just empowering and really motivated change. Overall AMAZIING JOB :D))

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