Complete this SAS activity about the Franco-Prussian War. Watch the movies and answer the questions, and try to complete the document exercise.

Watch this video

Look at the effects of Nationalism in Europe today (note that, although the video is accurate, the channel that produced it is controlled by the Russian government):

Practice and then play this game on Nationalism in Europe in the 1800s


One thought on “Nationalism

  1. Nationalism
    1:- Nationalism means the wish of people to govern themselves as a nation.
    2:- Nationalism reshaped the map of the Europe in 19th century.
    3:- Later nationalism took another meaning ” an exaggerated belief in the superiority of one’s own nation”.
    4:- Nationalism underlies the cohesion of modern societies and legitimizes a nation’s assertions of authority over the lives of it’s inhabitants.
    5:- Nationalism assumed the ugly forms of imperialism, racism, and totalitarianism ; it helped to stimulate world wars in the twentieth century.

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