SAS European Imperialism

SAS Queen Victoria

SAS Imperialism: Scramble For Africa

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Imperialism In China Video


Imperialism In South Asia (turn on audio)

Imperialism In China (turn on audio)

Imperialism In India (Turn-on audio)

Imperialism in Latin America (turn on audio)

The British Empire in India – Multiple-Choice Map Quiz

Imperialism – Asia in 1914 – Multiple-Choice Map Quiz

Imperialism – Africa in 1914 – Multiple-Choice Map Questions

The French Empire – Map Quiz

IN YOUR OWN WORDS, please answer this question:

What is imperialism, and does it exist today? Answer the question; back it up with evidence, and make a comment/ connection.

4 thoughts on “Imperialism

  1. Imperialism refers to a policy to make a country more strong through economic or military power in the state of diplomacy. It is supported by taking over the territories of the other country for power and to extend one’s empire. Imperialism exist today but in the recent age countries do not control over other countries’ exist in the form of military force, ideological control, capitalist accumulation and the dominance of international finance, trade, technology and science. In the article “America: The World’s Remaining Imperialist Power” which explains that now a days, America is the world’s biggest imperialist because it has the strongest army and it is the biggest economic power. It can take control over other countries using its economic power or military power not by controlling over their territories but by controlling their empires through international finance, trade and technology dominance. Imperialism in this age is better than in the older age because in the ancient times getting territory of other countries could make them having overpopulation but less land for the resources and for the settle down of that population.

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