Bob Marley Biographical Essay

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  1. Have you ever heard about a guy named Bob Marley? I will be talking about Bob Marley’s challenges, successes, and personality.
    Bob Marley had many challenges during his life. Marley was said to been seen as an outsider in the “Ghetto” because of his light skin. While he was in the ghetto, he joined into a gang and putting his life in danger. He was also a scrappy fighter, so he barely got into any fights. Even though he had lots of challenges, he still made successes.
    During Marley’s life he had made a lot of successes. His songs became national and international hits that millions loved. In Europe he was THE Reggae Master. In the U.S he became well known and everybody loved him. He had many different personalities and they changed throughout his life.
    While he lived his life in Kingston, his personality started changing. He was brought into bad things; it was mostly related to gangs. Bob Marley had a stressful life and was getting in and out of bad situations. He final started to change his ways when he found out about music, which started to bring his life back up to a good place.
    Bob Marley did lots of things to become well known by many people. Even to this day people still remember him as the Reggae Master.

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