Heritage Lesson 6: Mexican American Culture

Today, you will go to links on Mexican and Latino culture, and learn more about their heritage. Go to any of these links for 10 minutes:

Then write three things that you learned here.

Heritage Lesson 1: What is culture?

Your assignment will be to get information about your family and culture that you will then turn into a poem. You will need to get at least three items for each section. Here are the topics:

  1. Family: You will need to tell me three different things about your family. What’s important to them? What are they like? Who are some of the members of your family? Tell me something that is interesting about your family, and try to include information that will give some information about the larger culture your family comes from.
  2. Place:  Where have you lived? Where does your family (your parents, your grandparents, etc.) come from? What places do you hope to go in the future? Describe where you live.
  3. Food: What foods are important in your family? Are their foods and meals that are important in the culture you come from? What does food or some foods mean to you and your family?
  4. Experience: What things have you experienced in your life? What cultural experiences have you had?

Please send me a comment answering ONE of these now, and include ANY questions you have about what you will be doing. I will expect you to start answering ALL of these the next time we meet. You should take home a paper list of questions, and ask your parents or other relatives to help you by sharing information (like where your family is from) to help you answer them.