Perseverance Research: Google Wonder wheel

Today we are going to try to Narrow down your research topic. You will need to have your topic with you, or know what you chose as your topic (see below).

  1. Type your topic in the Google search box at the top right of your browser
  2. When you get to the results page, make sure that next to the search box it says, “Instant is off”
  3. If it doesn’t, click on “Instant is on” and change it
  4. Look in the column at the left (<- that way), and click on Wonder wheel
  5. Use this to select one to three sub-topics to research
  6. Write down your sub-topics, so you can find them next time you are here.

Research Topic

The Fire Builder
•    Survival in the Wilderness
•    Benefits of fire in ancient times
•    Canadian Wilderness

Amaroq, the Wolf
•    Grey Wolf behavior
•    The Alaskan tundra
•    The Inupiat and Yup’ik
•    Edible Plants
•    The food chain

On Top of the World
•    Other climbers of Mount Everest
•    Flags on Mount Everest placed by Tenzing and Norgay – Nepal, India, Great Britian
•    Mountain climbing
•    How was Mount Everest formed
•    The Himalayas

Saint George and the Dragon
•    Significance of Dragons in other cultures
•    Legends
•    Knights
•    Shields

A Picture Book of Jesse Owens
•    Olympic athletes – pick an athlete from the past and an athlete from the past Olymics
•    The original Olympics
•    Explain the various track and field events
•    Civil Rights movement in the United States from 1913  to 1980
•    Other significant African American athletes or figures in United States history

Back to the Drawing Board
•    Women in aviation history
•    The first international flight
•    Paul Maccready
•    Airplanes today
•    Gliders
•    Hawk migration