Taking a Stand: Writing about Inalienable Rights

Finally, take one of your topic sentences, your sentences about the three rights you believe we should have (including details), and another of your topic sentences as a conclusion, and send them to me as a comment. This should make a 7-8 sentence paragraph.

Today, I want you to write four topic sentences for the rights you think everyone should have. The sentences should be:

1. Simple Declarative;
Example: There are some rights everyone should have.

2. Number Statement;
Example: Here are some among the many rights we should all have.

3. Question;
Example: Why are some rights so important?

4. Situation/Stance;
Example: If we are to be free, there are some rights that must be guaranteed.

Please Reply to your last comment to send this to me.

Astronomy Lesson 3b: Research Topics

Now is the time when you get to pick a topic to research in Astronomy. Send me a note with two choices of topics you would like to look into and write about.

Possible topics:

  1. A planet (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus)
  2. Dwarf planets (like Pluto or Eris), comets and asteroids, or the Kuiper Belt
  3. The sun
  4. Unmanned spacecraft and explorers (like Voyager)
  5. Manned spacecraft and missions (like the Space Shuttle, and Apollo Moon missions)
  6. Stars and galaxies