Astronomy Lesson 3b: Research Topics

Now is the time when you get to pick a topic to research in Astronomy. Send me a note with two choices of topics you would like to look into and write about.

Possible topics:

  1. A planet (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus)
  2. Dwarf planets (like Pluto or Eris), comets and asteroids, or the Kuiper Belt
  3. The sun
  4. Unmanned spacecraft and explorers (like Voyager)
  5. Manned spacecraft and missions (like the Space Shuttle, and Apollo Moon missions)
  6. Stars and galaxies

11 thoughts on “Astronomy Lesson 3b: Research Topics

  1. The planet Saturn is a planet that has the most powerful rings of all times.It is also the the next biggest planet.

  2. I would do my reseach about Pluto .Pluto is a small planet then the others,but Pluto is like a baby Planet.

  3. The planet Mars, like Earth, has clouds in its atmosphere and a deposit of ice at its north pole. But unlike Earth, Mars has no liquid water on its surface. The rustlike color of Mars comes from the large amount of iron in the planet’s soil. Image credit: NASA/JPL/Malin Space Science Systems.

    on the planet mars is cold but why is so red?I so times the iron planet soil can make it come like planets on earth.

  4. the stars are a little tiny dot. And the sun is made out of gases. And the moon is not a planet . and did you know that the mares is the clostest to the moon.

  5. I learned about the planet mars and that water does not exist as a liquid and there is thin air at mars also