California History Murals

We have learned about the California History murals you will be seeing at the Rincon Annex Post Office in San Francisco.

You can also see a slideshow of the murals here.

After you review the mural slideshow, please use one of these drawing tools to draw one or more pictures that represent an important historical event in your native country. Post the link in the comments section of this post, and be sure to write one or two sentences explaining what the picture represents.

You can use:

Flash Paint

Draw To

Imagination Cubed

If you get done early, you can learn about other murals in San Francisco and around the world:

Play this game

San Francisco Mural Slideshow

The 50 Most Stunning Wall Murals From Around The World

Murals By Diego Rivera

Here are murals in Sacramento.

26 thoughts on “California History Murals


    This picture standard about my country. The farm could helps people in my country to grow the rice. That helps them make. Also when they got the rice to product to other countries in the world.

  2. File name this is represent when Hmong go new year and they wear black pant.

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