Funny Signs

Look at these funny signs with a partner. Pick at least four and decide why they are funny.

Sign Language

Copy and paste each picture on Your Draft and explain why each one is funny.

Once you are done, please paste the url address of Your Draft in the comments section of this post.

47 thoughts on “Funny Signs

  1. African American History
    I learn about African American History. I learn Martin Luther
    Biography of king that he helps black people get the same civil right as white people. A brief look at the history of African American and black history month. Fighting for civil right in schools and on buses.

  2. Rue Thao
    Period 3-4

    Today I learned about Latino and culture. The last conversation place was created. Many people artists in the
    American south west and carry on centuries old traditions
    Even as they explode new ways to express religions faith
    And cultural pride.

  3. Vang Pao KIA YANG

    Do you know why Vang Pao is important to Hmong people? Vang pao is important to Hmong people because he always protest Hmong people. And lest no body do bad thing to his people.
    Vang pao was born on December 8 1929 in central xrangkhuang province in north eastern region of Laos. So when he moves to the u.s of America, he is a soldier. So on July 2007 under significant press urea from vang pao Hmong and inventorial America supports the California federal court ordered the release of the Hmong leader. On the u.s $1.5million bound scored by promptly owed by members of his family.
    When vang pao still young his family is rich, and they live in xrangkhuang. The war of 20 century destroyed many million of people who once lived in the hillside and valleys of remote formal, world. The Hmong led against communism in Southeast Asia. They last everything their land, their way their courtly, and life of people.
    Vang Pao who turned80 one Christmas day the guerrilla larder of enthrone minorities who help the United State fought against the communist movement since early 1965 United the fall of vie rang in 1975. Vang Pao say it time to forget. The pass and to lived with government in Laos peacefully. Because of Vang Pao, tense of thousand of Hmong were able to immigrate to the United State better the war.
    This is all about my person that I write about it. He is important so I write about it. And he is the best leader of Hmong people, also he always powerful in the world.

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