Learn More About Advertising

Visit these sites and write down three things you learn about how advertisers persuade you to buy their products.  Write down your notes on a piece of paper.  If there is time, you can then write them in the comments section:

Don’t Buy It!

See How You Get Hooked Into Buying Now!

You Are Here

CoCo Adversmarts (this one lets you create your own advertisement.  After you make it, please print it out)

Play A Game In A Private Room

Today, all students will play against each other in a game called:

Gut Instinct

Go to the game, click on “English,” and then sign-up. Write your initials, and write “mrferlazzo” in the box that asks for “League Name.”

Do not click “submit” until Mr. Ferlazzo or Ms. Hull yells “Go!”

You will be asked a question. After every answer you will see a scoreboard showing who is winning.

Sometime in the future will will also play a similar game called:

Mia Cadaver’s Tombstone Timeout

Learn About Persuasive Essays

Review these sites to help you learn about writing a persuasive essay.  Please write three things you’ve learned in the comments section.

Here’s a Fact and Opinion game.

Try another Fact and Opinion Game.

Here are lots of fact and opinion activities.

PBS’ Arthur has a simple Facts and Opinions game.

It’s A Fact!

Making Connections

Argument is an activity from the BBC. Other activities connected to it are:




The BBC has another activity called Argue, Persuade, and Advise. Revise is a connected exercise.

Earthlings, Unite! is an interactive sample persuasive essay.

The Joystick of Learning is another interactive sample essay.

Hungry Students Can’t Study
is one more sample essay, though it’s not interactive.

Here’s an accessible tutorial on writing a persuasive essay .

Students can quickly and easily create a “map” of their persuasive essay here and post its url on a student or teacher website.

Try this persuasive essay outline generator .

Persuasion Map is from Read Write Think, but it can only be printed-out, not saved.

Learning About Careers

Use the following links to learn about the possible careers that you and your parents have said might be in your future.

Answer four questions for each career. You only have to write an a sentence or two in response to each question. Share the answers in the comments section. When you do, first list the career and then the answers underneath.

1) What kind of education is required to get this job?

2) What do you do in this job?

3) What is the salary range for the job?

4) Why are you interested in this job?

You can research using these sites.  Some of them also include questions you can answer to help you find other careers that might be good for you:

California Career Zone

I Want To Find A Career

Interest Assessment



Salary Zone

Job Outlook

Career Voyages


Kids Work

The Learning Edge

Career Capture

Penny’s Search