Create A “Hangman” Game

Write a sentence at Flash Hangman Challenge and then email it to yourself. It will turn into a “Hangman” game.

Copy and paste the link in the comments section so others can play the game.

27 Responses to “Create A “Hangman” Game”

  1.   kia Says:

  2.   ka Says:

  3.   Truong Says:

  4.   lue Says:

  5.   xai Says:

  6.   pa Says:

  7.   luis Says:

  8.   ger Says:

  9.   deissy Says:

  10.   khai Says:

  11.   laura Says:

  12.   karen Says:

  13.   teng Says:

  14.   Kou Says:

  15.   vang Says:

  16.   paee Says:

  17.   xeng Says:

  18.   ong Says:

  19.   ong Says:

  20.   wandee lol :)- Says:

  21.   chang Says:

  22.   wandee lol :)- Says:

  23.   tri Says:

  24.   jvlmcl Says:

    this game is not tat good because it boring and keeping star over the game tat is too boring!!!

  25.   Kou Says:

  26.   mane Says:

    ths came is not good because it really boring an make sleep

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