Writing Exercises And Games

Try these writing activities and games. If the first ones are too easy, try the next one. Each one gets a little harder.

Five minutes before class ends, please leave a comment saying which activity you liked the best and why:

“I liked ______________ the best because ________________________.”

The New News

The New News 2

The New News 3

Bitesize 2 Writing

Making Sentences

Bitesize 3 Writing — Here, do everything that is labeled “Activity.” Be sure to turn-on the subtitles so you can read what is being spoken.

Virtual Traveler

Writing Tutorials

What Are Your Favorite Learning Games?

Later this year you will be creating your own learning games that other students can play.

Today, please play the games on this list. Vote for the three games you think are the best. In the comments section, please write which three you voted for and why you voted for them:

I voted for ______________ because ___________________________.

I voted for ______________ because ___________________________.

I voted for ______________ because ___________________________.