Intermediate English Class Blog (2011-12)

Mr. Ferlazzo's & Ms. Hull's Class

Summer School For Ms. Hull’s Class

Here are our virtual summer school classes and instructions on how to use them. I will be adding new ones over the next two weeks:

1) U.S.A. Learns

Type in Ferlazzo in teacher’s name. You must register three separate times. Each time you must type in a different class password because there are three different classes.

Password: burbank1

Password: burbank2

Password: burbank3

2) Virtual Grammar Lab

Register there and select Burbank High School from the “dropdown” menu.

3. Zondle

Go to Zondle and register. Use this access code: 9930-14500

4. English Central

Register at our class page at English Central. Then pick any videos to watch and record your audio.

5. English For All

Register at the site and type in the class password “burbank1″

That’s burbank one

Book Reviews

First go to Amazon to find an image of your favorite book. Then go to Fotobabble and record your book review.

Please post the link in the comments section of this post.


First read:

English version of Cinderella

Read this version, too.

Then read:

The Egyptian “Cinderella”

The Chinese “Cinderella”

The Native American “Cinderella”

Then complete an online interactive Venn Diagram comparing the three stories.

Leave a comment saying which version you like best and why:

I liked ____________________ because ___________________.

San Francisco Fotobabble

Choose a photo from our field trip to San Francisco and make a Fotobabble.

Talk about what you liked about the trip and what you learned.

San Francisco

Go to The Best Sites For Learning About San Francisco and explore the links.

Write the ten most interesting things you learn on a sheet of paper.

Grandfather’s Journey Essay

Please type your Response To Literature essay on Grandfather’s Journey in a Word document and then copy and paste it in the comments section of this post.

Tong’s Website

You can see Tong’s website here:

Tong’s Website

If you’d like, you can leave a comment sharing what you think of her site on the comment section of this post.

Practice Taking State Tests

Go to A Beginning “The Best…” List Of Free & Decent Online Practice Sites For State Tests — Help Me Add More! and try the practice questions.

What Is An Adjective?

Please explore these links to learn more about adjectives:

Describing Words

Using Adjectives

Finding Adjectives

Practice With Adjectives

All About Adjectives

The Adjective Detective

Grammar Blast: Adjectives

Adjectives Quiz

People Adjectives

Choosing Adjectives

Identifying Adjectives

BBC Skillwise: Adjectives

Enchanted Learning: Adjectives

Writing About Literature

These exercises will give you an introduction to what we will be studying next:

Learn about similes:

Starter activity

Main session part 1

Main session part 2


You can learn about Literary Elements and then take the quiz at this Thinkquest site.

Try to create similes in this not-very-easy game from the British Council.

Name That Literary Element is a game from Glencoe.

Figurative Language Interactive Activities