“What Do You Think About Gangs?”

Go to Fotobabble and sign-in.

Then click on “Create.”

Next, open up a new window and search for an appropriate image related to gangs. Copy its url address.

Paste the url address of the image into Fotobabble and record the paragraph you wrote. Choose either:

“”What Do You Think About Gangs?”

“What Are The Consequences Of Living The Gang Life?”

Record your paragraph, save it, and then paste the url address into the comments section of this post.

Describe How You Will Write Your Auto-I

Go to Fotobabble, pick a picture of yourself writing from this photos, and describe how you will write your Autobiographical Incident essay.

Here’s the “cloze” you can use to help you with the description:

Tomorrow, I will begin writing my Autobiographical __________ Essay. I will start my essay with a ____________. Then I will describe the ___________ and the __________ . I will use __________ details to describe where the incident happened and who was there. Then I will explain what happened and use __________ to tell the story. I will describe how I was feeling back __________. In my conclusion, I will describe my feelings _________ and I will explain __________ I learned.

Please leave a link to your description in the comments section of this post.