Career One Stop. The primary reason I’m rating this site so high is because of its numerous closed-captioned videos about every occupation imaginable.

Monster has an interactive virtual Virtual Job Interview.

Paws In Jobland is an excellent interactive site for young people to explore careers. It’s designed for younger students, and is also very accessible for English Language Learners of all ages.

GCF Learn Free has a number of work-related interactives.

Here are career videos in simple English from

iSeek Career Videos

BBC Interview Game

Use this “frame” for the comments you make on your classmates’ essays.

Feel free to change it, too:

I liked several/many/two/three things about your essay. I liked ________ because ___________________________. I also liked _______________ because __________________________________.

The Best Multilingual & Bilingual Sites For Math, Social Studies, & Science

KhanAcademyEspanol YouTube videos

Tareasplus Para saber más

Grades 9th-12th Common Core Mathematics (En Español)

Khan Academy Espanol

* A virtual Valentine’s Day cake

* A card from Blue Mountain.

The National Wildlife Federation has quite a collection of free Valentine’s Day E-Cardsyou can send.

Go to this link

Also, go to this second link.

Punctuation Rules

Sentence Sense


The Amazon Rainforest

Sahara Desert


New Zealand

Islands of Oceania

Ancient China: Great Wall

Interactive Atlas

Go to The Best Sites For Learning About Immigration In The United States and write the ten most interesting things you learn.

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