Write & Record Your Story

Type your story using Word. Paste it in the comments section of this blog.

Then use Speak Pipe to record and paste the url address in another comment.

Next, Read and listen to the stories and write a comment after clicking “Reply.” Begin your comment like this:

I like your story because ______________________________________.

I like your story because it made me remember ________________________.

I like your story because it made me see a picture of  _____________________ in my mind.

I like your story because it made me wonder “________________________?”


Learning About Stories

Elements Of A Story comes from Annenberg.

Brainpop, Jr. has some nice accessible movies, though, of course, you have to pay for them or get a free trial:




The Oswego City School District has a series of nice free interactives:


Find the Character


Setting II

Folk and Fairy Tales comes from River Deep.

Test Tutor comes from Harcourt.

Short Story Unit comes from the Calgary Academy.

What Is An Adjective?

Please explore these links to learn more about adjectives:

Describing Words

Using Adjectives

Finding Adjectives

Practice With Adjectives

All About Adjectives

The Adjective Detective

Grammar Blast: Adjectives

Adjectives Quiz

People Adjectives

Choosing Adjectives

Identifying Adjectives

BBC Skillwise: Adjectives

Enchanted Learning: Adjectives

Mrs. Haquet from Frenchfrog’s Little English Pond has developed another great interactive. This one is on Physical Descriptions.

Describing People is a simple exercise to help English Language Learners learn about adjectives.

Pick It: Adjectives

Food Adjectives

Adjective Adventure

Several adjective games.

Possessive Adjective Games

Writing About Literature

All, learn about adjectives here.

These exercises will give you an introduction to what we will be studying next:

Similes and Metaphors



Citing Sources


Learn about similes:

Starter activity

Main session part 1


Plenary Two

You can learn about Literary Elements and then take the quiz at this Thinkquest site.

Try to create similes in this not-very-easy game from the British Council.

Name That Literary Element is a game from Glencoe.

Figurative Language Interactive Activities

College English Prep Online