Current Events In The US – ARW

Groups will watch their assigned video and prepare a three minute class presentation on what they learn.

The presentation will include using a poster and have these parts (your spoken presentation can include more information):

* Three most important pieces of information

* A picture that you think helps explain important information

* What you think about the situation and why?

* A question you will ask the audience

Your poster should only have a few words for each part – it’s designed to help your spoken presentation, not to be the entire presentation!












English Test & Brainpop – Only For Academic Reading & Writing Class!

Please take this online English test.

After you have completed it, please write your name and your score in the comments section (don’t worry, no one will see it other than Mr. Ferlazzo).  Also, please show it to Mr. Ferlazzo once you’ve completed it.


After you are done, go to Brainpop.

1. Click on “enter code” at the top.  Copy and paste, or type in “ferlazzo3”

2. You’ll then see a little box pop-up.  At the bottom, click on “Sign-up now!”

3. A form will appear.  Write your full first and last name in the boxes.  Then think of a username that you will remember.  It should be your first name plus a number that you will remember.  Be sure to write it down in your notebook.

4. Write down a password that includes one number and that you will remember.  Write it down in your notebook.

5. Then pick a security question and write down the answer.

If there is time, click on Social Social Studies, then click on Geography, and then watch the movie that is titled “Continents Of The World.”  After you have watched the movie, go to the “quiz,” take the review quiz, and then take the graded quiz.