Assignment 30: Lewis and Clark "Discover" America

April 17, 2009 by alicemercer · 17 Comments · assignments

Please do the following activities to learn more about the path that Lewis and Clark took with the Corps of Discovery:

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  • yeng k.

    I learned that they had the expedition to travel.I also learned that Sacagewa helped Lewis and Clark by translating.

  • Abigail S.

    I learned from reading Lewis and Clark was that they were known for expedition for the Mississippi River. Long time ago they went to West and started to explore over there.

  • richmond E

    I read Sacajoeas Journey and it is good story. Lewis and clark faced great adventures and challenges.


    I learned that they was brave enough to go over the mountain.I learned that lewis and Clark was going to the west because the snow was coming .

  • Chaila J.

    Lewis and Clark went on an expedition I think to find new land.Lewis and Clark met an Indian and her tribe.

  • Lisa S.

    I learned from reading Lewis and Clark, they both like to explore. Lewis and Clark became really close is when they both went to the West to go explore.

  • Angelia K

    I learned that they had to go a long way to get to their goal.I also learned that Sacagawea was an important part of the expedition.

  • leng v.

    They went to winter in fort Manda.They went to mountains of the rockies in north American.

  • Natali M

    I learn that he discovered western America. Another thing is that he almost died doing it.

  • shaunaz

    I like how they went to different places.Like the grisly bears.

  • Christy X.

    Lewis and Clark were looking for the Columbia River. They also took Sacajawea with them to find the river.

  • dayana

    Lewis and Clark were very interesting and I learn so much things. I thought it was interesting because they explore the America west together.

  • See T.

    I learned that Lewis and Clark needed Sacajawea to translate for them.I also learned that if they didn’t find the river they would never discover things.

  • Yasmin B.

    I learned that Charbenou married Sacajawea. She helped Lewis and Clark to help them find the mountains.

  • Adriana

    I learned that Sacajawea had a baby when she was young. She also helped Lewis and Clark.

  • brandon

    lewis and clark is history because they are the first people to find land that were not native american.

  • aldo

    Lewis and Clark Faced many adventures.

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