Assignment #32: Buffalo and Modern Cattle

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Photo Credit: Buffalo and Newborn

Think about what we saw about how cattle are raised, then read one of these links on buffalo:

and, look at these graphics on the waste and use of energy from modern animal production:

When we meet the second time, you will write and tell me how we raise cattle now, and how does this compare to how cattle lived in the past.

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  • Cynthia.Q

    I think that the Buffalo need to have freedom and be free no one should not hut Buffalo.

  • Christy X.

    They had an easier life before they were caught. Also they are having a hard life now because they are not in an open land.

  • Abigail S.

    In the past when they used to raise cattle it was really crowded for all the animals. But now they have lots of room in the field or meadow.

  • Xavier M.

    The difference is that people would have to pay more because farming would be harder. So now we pay cheaper because they farm easier

  • Angelia K.

    How they used to use cattle to to get meat is different because we use them for milk. It’s the same because some people still eat cows.

  • marshaunne j.

    it was easier on them when they had a big field. and the cow did not like it.

  • Lisa S.

    The difference of now and the past of raising a cattle is that in the past they were crowded in a barn or farm. Now all the animals have room in a meadow or a huge field.

  • Leng v.

    The today is that they were kill.In the past they didn’t die.

  • yeng k.

    It’s the same because they kill the cattle. It’s different now because they give the cows corn so it makes them have diseases. It’s different in the past because they let the cattle eat the grass which is good for them.

  • Jose.H

    Today we use technology. They use to use there hands.Today we use technology. They use to use there hands.

  • ♥JulieannaF♥

    It is not fair because you kill animals.Why do people have to take the animals against others.Now in days we just go to stores an eat it.Before people use to have them in crowded areas.Now they have open wide space for the buffalo’s and cows.Buffalo’s and cow get abused Now in these days.

    Julieanna Fuentes

  • shaunaz

    Back in the past they caught the cow and killed them.Now they don’t.The sane is they both eat them.

  • Madeline C.

    In the past they raise cattle by one rancher and there is millions of animals they had to struggle because they didn’t have enough room. Now they have huge homes like meadows.

  • colby.d

    We raise cow really good these days. They are fun to take care of. They can also be fun to play with to.

  • Chaila J.

    What is the difference of then and now is today the cows are free today they are not.Something that is the same for them is they are still used for meat.

  • brandondias

    In the past they torture the cows and killed them for the meat and they did not let the cows free.

  • aldo

    why do they kill baby cows back then. when we see them now they really look different .

  • LoganS.

    They tortured cows in the old days and we don’t do that today because they cows won’t be good.

  • dayana

    I’s different because the are so squashed and it were surrounded by fence and the other had more fence and more space . They are the same because the both eat the same thing the both have fence that is why they are the same.

  • Travis.H

    the cows was in smaller spaces. in the future cows are in wider space they live in a bigger place.back in the past the will kill the cow but now they dont get kill as much.

  • Isaac B.

    Now they don’t get enough room, but back then they did. I think it was better back then.

  • Natali M.

    The ones that are in the farms are crowded .The both make milk.

  • Aiana D.

    long time ago some hunter always hunt for cows and make milk and eat them. It is different now because we only use them for milk. It’s the same because some people still eat them.


    It’s the same because they get kill by people.It’s the same because they eat grass anywhere.It’s different because they are stuck in a shack and not free.

  • Adriana Rodriguez

    they are the same because they have milk in their bodies.they are different because they are crowed.

  • IsaacB.

    I think it was better when they get a lot of room.I think it will be better if they did not kill cows so much only milk them so they do not harm them.

  • julieanna

    roamed Canada an Mexico. they were at north America.there is over sixty-millions of them.their was a lot of violents those years.there was 200,000 bison’s killed.there was 3,385.there is 5,000 to 6,000.left that time.

  • LoganS.

    I learned that they used to torture cows.Also they would kill the cows just to sell them and make money.

  • Madeline C.

    I learn that in the past , the cows didn’t had enough space and didn’t have grasses to eat or to do something else. Now today we have a lot of spaces for the cows. Also we have grasses for the cows to eat.

  • Lisa S.

    I learned that in the past, the cows didn’t have enough space and didn’t have a lot of grass to eat. And now today we have a lot of room for cows.

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