Perseverance Lesson Two

September 27, 2009 by alicemercer · 28 Comments · assignments

What mistakes does Wil E Coyote make in setting his goals? Please send me 2 sentences about this.

Photo credit: Wil E Coyote from Punk Jr’s photostream on flickr

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  • maria

    He makes plans to crush the other one but always fails. He never gives up.

  • Tabitha

    He makes a plan for a rock to fall on roadrunner but instead it falls on his self.He also try’s to chase roadrunner even with fast shoes but roadrunner is way to fast. His goals were to try to catch it and eat it.

  • Abigail S.

    The Wil E coyote did so much wrong things. First of all he got ran over by the bus because he thought the road runner was there, but the road runner was in the bus.

  • Javier C.

    He was trying to catch the road runner and couldn’t. He kept going to the same store .

  • Abigail S.

    The coyote’s goal was to get the road runner. I think they were racing.

  • Madeline C.

    The Coyote’s goal is to catch the Road Runner. The Road Runner is too smart and the coyote is not.

  • marshaunne

    the road roger keeps fooling the coyote so he wont eat him.And the coyote keeps buying stuff from the same place.

  • Christy X.

    Wil E Coyote’s goal is trying to beat the roadrunner. The Coyote was trying his best to beat his goal by beating the roadrunner.

  • leng v.

    It keep go to the same store over and over again.He should go to a new store.He should be friendly and them catch him went he is next to you.

  • Lisa S.

    The coyote’s goal was to chase that road runner. Also to beat the road runner in a race.

  • See T.

    The mistake Will E Coyote made was that he bought every thing from the same store. Even though the store’s things don’t work.Another mistake that he made is that he thought that the bus was the road runner.

  • rosaiselav

    I think the cayoty made a mistake because was trying chase the bird.

  • LoganP.

    Wil E Coyote never tested his gadgets that he used to catch the Roadrunner. Wil E Coyote didn’t buy good gadgets.

  • Mireya D.

    The mistakes he made was that he made a way to go but the other animal is the one that went and he didn’t. It was so funny …………….

  • destinyh

    His goals where to eat that little bird because ha was hungry.He tried and tried but never accomplished none of his goals.

  • DayanaN.

    Two mistakes he made are that he chasing the little bird .The next mistake he made are to get on the street because the bird could of came from the other side.

  • David.v

    He went to the same store over and over. He use all the item he bought and it didn’t work.

  • matthew

    l think that he made a mistake the car was trying to hit him.and they were trying to eat him.

  • LaRhondra

    wile did not know what he was doing because he dress
    up like a super hero.

  • Isaac B.

    I think 1 of his problems is he go’s to the store every time. He’s not a fast anonth runner.

  • colby d.

    The fox tried to kill the roadrunner. The roadrunner tried to run away from the fox.

  • Destiny G.

    One mistake that Wil E Coyote made was that he gave up after he could not catch the roadrunner.Another mistake that Wil E Coyote makes is that he is a bad role model.

  • Ricardo B.

    The cyoty was trying to catch something so he can eat it. but all his plans falled.

  • Brandon

    Wil E Coyote tried to kill the roadrunner by trying to eat him. he also try all kinds of things.

  • Lourdes

    Wile did not know what he was doing because he dressed like a super hero. And is a bad roll modle

  • Diana L.

    He Is a bad role model for little kids who has seen this cartoon. He also is bad and not nice to others.

  • Cynthia Q

    He made some bad choice and a very bad role model for the little children like 1- 5 they should not watch this show.

  • aldo

    I think the coyote goal is the road runner. I feel the annoying because he tries too much.

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