Perseverance Lesson Two B

October 1, 2009 by alicemercer · 46 Comments · assignments

Today we are going to look back at the goals we came up with last week, and re-write them as SMART goals. You only need to have ONE goal, but it does need to meet all five parts to be SMART.

Here is a list of SMART Goals:

S              Specific : It’s not too big and not too small
Example: I will move up one test level on the state math test
Non-Example: I will do better in school

M            Measurable: I can measure whether I’ve been successful or not
Example: I will have fewer suspensions this year
Non-Example: I will get along with others

A             Attainable: Most people could do this
Example: I will pass sixth grade
Non-Example: I will take college classes in middle school

R             Realistic: I can do this
Example: I will improve my math scores
Non-Example: I will get a Ferrari

T              Timely: It can be done in a school year
Example: I will go up one test level on the state test
Non-Example: I will go to college

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