Cooperation and Competition Lesson 1

We are doing a unit on cooperation and competition. We need to learn more about these concepts. We will go to a thesaurus, which is a tool that shows synonyms, or words with similar meanings to find other words that are are related. Look up these words in a thesaurus,



and write a sentence sharing at least two synonyms for each word.

35 thoughts on “Cooperation and Competition Lesson 1

  1. The synonyms for the word completion is match, and game. the synonyms for the word coronation is pay attention, and geting along.

  2. a synomys for corporation is fairness; caring; truthful; agreement;
    a synomys for compation is friendly; contest

  3. When we are doing teamwork we all have to have a agreement. Also we have to think about group action to practice.

  4. Two words i found for cooperation are agreement and accord. two words i found for competition are rival and revolt .

  5. The word for competition i got was match and compete.The word i got for cooperation was teamwork and listen.

  6. A synonyms for cooperation something that use words we cold use for it.
    A synonyms for competition is to battle someone.

  7. Synonyms for cooperation are teamwork, group action.
    Synonyms for competition are challenge ,match.

  8. synonyms for cooperation are word1.accord word2.agreement. synonyms for competition are word1.event word2.contest.

  9. Some synonym for cooperation is friendly, and sharing.Some synonym for competition is contest, rebellion, and contest.

  10. A synonym for for cooperation joining in a certain group.A synonym for compatition is a challage

  11. Competition means when people are against each other.Cooperation means when to help another person.

  12. A synonym for cooperation is joint operation and action and competition is when you go against someone.

  13. A synonym 4 cooperation is join operation and action. And a synonym 4 competition is runner up and second best.