29 thoughts on “Cooperation and Competition Lesson 6

  1. I,m warting about imagination and this is why I,m warting about imagio n I,m A gart imaintoner

  2. In the next month i will improve my self control by doing self talk because its being postive to myself.

  3. I pick distractions because lots of kids they do not want to work and if you give them something then they will do there work.

  4. I would sit on the couch and eat chips all day then I would wait until I get fat hecka fat.

  5. next month the class can use self talk net month i will use it imagination to talk there.

  6. i think exercise like soccer is good because they will work as a team and fun exercise.

  7. I feel mad when i am frustrated i feel mad. When i am frustrated i usually climb on the roof then i climb on the garage roof then jump into my friends yard next door.