Cooperation and Competition Lesson 6b: Frustration

frustration: an annoyed or impatient feeling that you get when you are prevented from doing what you want
– McMillan Dictionary

What do you feel like when you are frustrated? How does your body react? What do you usually do when you are frustrated?

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49 thoughts on “Cooperation and Competition Lesson 6b: Frustration

  1. this is what i do when i am really mad i go and play with my dog or i eat ice cream or i watch family guy or my little pony.

  2. I get very mad and go get something to eat but sometimes i yell at my sister and make her cry and my mom tells her i will take her to the monster and i start to giggle at her and she would hit me.

  3. What I do when I get frustrated I start to yell or I would go up stairs and slam the door.

  4. When I get mad then I go in my bedroom and hide the persons things and try to get away if I get in trouble.

  5. when I get mad all I do I go to my room shut the door and I write my feeling down in my journal

  6. If i was frustrated i would wait a little while then i will get my money and i will buy a ice cream and then i won’t be frustrated. Then i will eat a lot of food then i’m done.

  7. When i am frustrated i yell at people and get really hot.Sometimes i start acting like a brat with my mom and then my mom gets frustrated.I can’t help it,i get frustrated mostly all the time.

  8. The thing that I do when I ‘am mad is squeez something are go some where and think about it or forget it and try to have fun doing what ever I ‘am doing

  9. When, I get frustrated I would want to beat up someone. When someone messes with me I’ll get really mad and I’ll go crazy.

  10. When I am frustrated I go to my sister’s room and stay there for a little while. Another thing is I raise my voice.

  11. One thing I do when I’m frustrated is countdown from 10.
    The second thing I do is play my game.

  12. When i frustrated i feel like i wont to fight and throw stuff at people.get out of control.feel so mad.

  13. I get frustrated when I go to do my homework and there are talking. I get frustrated when I am playing soccer and they are yelling.

  14. the time when I;m frustrated is the time when someone talk to much that I could’nt focus on my homework at all.