27 thoughts on “Changing America Lesson 4: Hopes and Immigration

  1. They came to America because i guess someone sent them or they probably just wanted to come.I think they were hoping that it would be better and they would have a better life here.

  2. They came to the United States because they wanted to show us how to really act in school. The other reason why they came to the United States was so they can be a good citizen.

  3. I think that they hoped that they could make it to where their destination was.

  4. I think that the immigrants in Mexico who come to the U.S.A. only the husband can go to the U.S.And they wish their family can come to the U.S.

  5. The family hopes that there world cold be change because the want to have a better world for there kids .

  6. I learn that she wanted to go to America because she wanted to see the world.I learn that she lived there her whole life.

  7. I think there hopes and dreams are to clean up , get out of trouble , and people to stop being racist to them .

  8. I think that they needed help about a lot of things and the president could not do anything.

  9. Naima falls in love in 1967.”I’ve been wanting to go to America since I was little to build up my future and improve myself,” Naima says.

  10. The immigration hope to come here to get more food and drinking water to live.so the little ones can live.

  11. Naima falls in love in 1967 .Naima says”I’ve been wanting to go to America since I was little to build up my future and improve myself,” after her wedding

  12. The women Naima Saadeh had a dream to travel the would and change her village. She also hope to get marred ,she got to it and got marred and travel the would. She went to Chicago to get marred and her parents live there.

  13. Immigrations have food in the united states and they need allot of food.

  14. I think they went to California because they were trying to run away from there state or country but people are saying that this is are land and we clean it up but people are going to places to survey .

  15. I think that there hopes and dreams is to stop being races to people.We also need to stop flooding the drains.

  16. Pedro spend a lot of time at his work for he can spend any time with his family ,he has five girls and one boy. But he is trying to to safe money to go to U.S.A.

  17. Coming to United States is good because there is not much violence or floods.

  18. I learn that people live and have different life some people stay away from there family and some don’t.I also learn that people live on different tips of the earth.