High Hopes

A class of fourth graders in Sparks, Nevada will be sending up a high altitude balloon with messages of hope on Thursday May 27th.  What is a message of hope?

  • Something you think our community (Oak Park) needs;
  • Something that you think would improve our school;
  • Something that would make the world a better place;

You can read more about it here.  Please leave a comment with your message of hope here, and I will give it to Mr. Crosby to include on the balloon. Remember, you are representing our school and community. Make sure your comment is appropriate, and reflects your best work. Thank you!

35 thoughts on “High Hopes

  1. I wish that there was no people that do bad things in the world its bad for us and its bad for them we can die if you have ashma and they can die because its bad for their lungs its smoking i wish that there was smoking never invented.

  2. I wish it was quite like Oklahoma.I wish that Oak park had more field’s in oak park for animals.

  3. I think something that can improve is to teach a lot of stuff in a certain time like between like two hours.

  4. I think if we help clean-up the oil spill and tell the present to stop making promises he can’t keep we mite be able to get some people to help clean the earth

  5. Helping poor people live and not die . Like give them closes to put on.

  6. Oak park needs stuff like more community centers for kids to go learn more and get more education and we also need more safety in are community.

  7. I think that the world would be a better place by not having guns or killing and by that if you get sick there would be a medicine for ever sickness and that there would be no more drugs forever.

  8. I think that Oak Park. No more guns and drugs to kill people. I think that people should stop making the world by using there cars because it ruins the earth.

  9. I hope for a community swimming pool so there will be less heat for pedestrians.

  10. I hope that everybody will help the people that dose not have houses and food to survive.

  11. I hope for the homeless have a home or a family so they will not be homeless.I don’t want them to be homeless.

  12. My hopes and dreams for the community is that the community is a cool place and a cool community

  13. I hope that people can stop throwing trash on the floor and in the garbage can.I also hope that we can keep our school a good place like it is right now.

  14. I hope that every single homeless people will get food; a house and I like caring for people.

  15. Oak Ridge needs more recycling,air,water. Oak Ridge also needs more trees and water.

  16. I hope that people would stop doing drugs and that people would stop being bad people. I hope people would change who they are and not do bad. I hope that there are no more rapist and no more kidnappers.