Monthly Archives: September 2008

You will be creating a final project for this unit on The Settlers of America. Using Bookr, find a picture that shows each chapter we studied:

The First Americans

Christopher Columbus

The Spanish Explore America

The Pilgrims' Thanksgiving

The English Settle America

The French Come To America

For each picture, please write in your own words one piece of information you learned about that chapter that you think is interesting or important, and why you think it is interesting or important.

Also, please write why each group came to North America.

Each Bookr slideshow can only be four pages, so you will need to make two of them, email the links to your email, and then copy and paste their url addresses in the comments section.

Make one final page in your project that represents your ethnic culture. Please answer this question: Which of the groups we have studied had reasons closest to yours or your family's for coming to this country?