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Watch this movie about President Teddy Roosevelt.

Here's another video about Teddy Roosevelt.

Watch this slideshow on the Progressive Era.

Watch this movie about the Progressives, and watch all the videos on the page.

Though this is not connected to this chapter, it is important for students to learn about the Panama Canal.

Also, even though this is not exactly connected to this unit, it is important for you to learn about the great San Francisco Earthquake. You can learn about it here.


Read about W.E.B. Du Boise.

Read about President Theodore Roosevelt.

SAS Voting Rights For Women


Watch this movie about Ada Lovelace and answer the questions on the quiz.

Read all four stories about Jane Addams.

Learn about Susan B. Anthony in this movie and take the quizzes.

Learn about Helen Keller in this movie and take the quizzes.

Watch this movie about women fighting for the right to vote. Please take the quizzes, too.

Learn more about women's suffrage here.

Learn more about women's suffrage. Be sure to click on the lower left hand corner to see the words that are being spoken.

Watch this movie about Women and Progressives.

Learn about Helen Keller and take the quizzes.

Read about Susan B. Anthony.

Read about Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony.

Go to any of the sites listed below (or use the sites you have already read) and pick a woman who was alive sometime between 1870 and 1930.  It can be one of the women you've already learned about in this unit, or someone else.

You will make a poster answering these questions about the woman:

1) Who was she and what did she do?

2) Why did you pick her?

In the same poster, please pick a woman who you know personally (your grandmother, mother, a teacher, etc.) who reminds you of the famous woman you picked to write about.  Explain why she reminds you of that famous person.

* The Children's Encyclopedia Of Women

* National Women's Hall of Fame

* National Women's History Project

* Women Who Changed History

* Women's Rights: A Pictorial History

* California Museum Women's Trail

* You can also find more information here.


Copy and paste this cloze about Elizabeth Cady Stanton on your Posterous blog and complete it.

Women's Suffrage Brainpop Movie


Learn about the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire and watch the video, too.

Learn more about the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire here.

Learn about Major Labor Strikes and watch the video, too.

Watch this video on child labor.

Watch this video on industrial workers.

Complete this cloze about Labor Day.

Look at these photos of child labor in America 100 years ago.


Read about organized labor.

Read "How Labor Got Its Day."

Learn more about Labor Day here.

Do you think the workers were right in doing what they did?  Why or why not?