The United States Grows

Think of the people you learned about in this unit who were "reformers." They worked for justice, and tried to make life better.

Pick one of them who you would like to learn more about. Then think of someone today who you think is a reformer.

Please write a "compare/contrast" essay about the two of them. You might need to search the Internet to find out more information about your two people. You could first look for information on your two people at Fact Monster.

First, read this example of a compare/contrast essay.

First, use this Venn Diagram to identify how they are the same and how they are different. Please print it out when you are finished.  You can just write it on a piece of paper if you don't want to use the online form.

Second, use this Compare/Contrast Map to plan your essay. Be sure to click on "Similarities to Differences." Print-out your outline.

Third, paste it in the comments section here.


Watch this movie on Frederick Douglass.

Watch this movie about Susan B. Anthony.


Complete this Make and Break about the Abolitionists.

Read about Elizabeth Cady Stanton.

Read about Frederick Douglass.

Read more about the Abolitionists and take this quiz.


Watch all three videos on this page.

Watch this video about Reforms.

Watch this video about Women's Rights.

Watch this video about Reform Crusades.

Watch this video about the Abolitionists.

Watch this slideshow on Religion and Reform.

Look at this slideshow on An Age of Reform.

Learn about schools during this time.

Please answer this question:

Why do you think these people tried to change things?  Is there anything in our school, neighborhood, country or world that you would like to change?  Why?

Do the first half of this activity -- watching the movies and taking notes. You do not have to read the documents in the second half of the activity.

SAS Jackson and Nullification Crisis


Watch this movie on Andrew Jackson.

Watch this movie about The Trail of Tears.

Trail of Tears

Complete this cloze about Andrew Jackson.

Watch this video about Andrew Jackson.

Watch this animation about the Trail of Tears.

Watch this video about The Trail of Tears.

Watch and listen to another animation about the Trail of Tears (be sure to click the arrow on the bottom left of the screen so you can see the words that are being spoken).

Have you or your family ever felt like you have been forced to leave your home?  What happened?