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Learn about the Vietnam War. Get the code from Mr. Ferlazzo.

Complete this activity about the Watergate scandal. Get the code from Mr. Ferlazzo. It is not directly connected to the War, but happened in this time period.

Learn about free speech for students to protest the war
. Get the code from Mr. Ferlazzo.

Learn about the War Powers Act. Get the code from Mr. Ferlazzo.


Watch this movie about the Vietnam War and take the quizzes.

Watch this slideshow about the Vietnam War era.

Use this map and watch the video.

Watch these videos about the war.

Watch this video.

Watch this video and look at the other images.

This is not necessarily directly connected to the Vietnam War, but watch these videos on President Richard Nixon and the Watergate scandal.

Watch this movie about President Nixon and take the quizzes.

Learn more about the Vietnam War here.

Learn about the Hmong and the Vietnam War at these links:

Minnesota Public Radio has a report on the history of Hmong migration
“The Hmong and Laos: Old wars never die — The unhappy fate of the Hmong” is the title of a short article published by The Economist.
The Jungle Hmong: A Forgotten Ally On The Run is a slideshow from TIME Magazine.

Hmong leader General Vang Pao recently died. You can read about him in The New York Times

The BBC also has a good article and additional resources on his death — Laos general and Hmong leader Vang Pao dies in exile.

The Los Angeles Times also has an obituary.

Thousands Gather To Mourn Hmong Leader Vang Pao is the title of the NPR story on the six day funeral in Fresno for Hmong leader General Vang Pao.

The Los Angeles Times has both an impressive slideshow and useful article on the General’s funeral.

The New York Times also has both a slideshow and article about the General’s funeral.

For the Hmong, an enduring sense of exile is an op ed from The Washington Post.

Hmong Facts is from The Minnesota Historical Society.


Learn about the Jungle War In Vietnam.

Read about the thirtieth anniversary of the end of the war.

Read about the Hmong and the war.

See this video of the fall of Saigon.

Watch this video of helicopter attack scene from Apocalypse Now movie.