23 thoughts on “Looking back, looking forward

    • Jose it is not that bad at middle school because you will not forget about your class you will make new frinds at middle school then they will show you.you classses………

  1. I’m worried about middle school is my grades and forgetting my grades.

  2. My time here at Oak Ridge has been fun.

    My time in elementary school has been, hard, fun, & awesome.

    In middle school, I look forward to meeting new people & having multiple teachers.

    In middle school, I think I’ll worry about how you have to not forget anything behind. & I also worry about detention.

  3. My two years in Oak Ridge was okay, I guess? Our class was pretty good this year. I’m hoping Cal won’t be boring. Also, I hope I don’t get in trouble and get sent to Detention.

  4. I’m worried that in middle school there will be a lot of drama there because of the people I hang out with .My time at Oak Ridge was awesome because of all the help that I have got from all of the staff.My time in elementary was so fun ,sad boring and all kinds of much more feelings.

    • (:I agree with some things that you wrote:)(:My time at oak ridge was awesome to:)(:bye:)

  5. I did not like this school because i was boring and we didn’t have fun like we did last year.And i hope CAL is better than this school year

  6. I look forward to in middle school is the Algebra .I really prepared to do 7th grade math . I to do 6 classes (even though it would a pain).I choose one class .I have a feeling that the teacher will be strict.

  7. Here at Oak Ridge Elementary i have had lots of fun and experiences.In elementary school it was awesome.In middle school I’m looking forward to do more fun stuff.In middle school I worry about bullies.But, I’m still looking forward for middle school:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  8. I did not like is school that much because it is boring her.I hop next year is better at Cal also I cant wait to next year it is going to be cool.

  9. I was forward for middle school for math and algebra and for laugh art.also for now new friends and to mi new teachers.last but not list and how be my school and left my old shcool. and i going to be and new school.

  10. I had a lot of fun at oak ridge,I had the best teacher ever,Even Mrs.lursen is one of them too.This is my best.because the rest of my school were not fun like oak ridge…. I will never forget of this school ever…

  11. I’m scared of middle school because theirs more homework.My time in oak ridge i remembered at when we went to alliance.An all the stuff we did at alliance.Like the night hike an the zip line.I’m looking forward to go to cal middle school because almost all my close friends are going to cal.

  12. When I was at Oak Ridge I was there since kinder.In middle I want to be in a basketball team. In middle school I want to have a nice teacher.The only thing that I’m afraid of in middle school is that I might get lost.Also I’m afraid that I might get confuse where to go like where is the class at.

  13. when i started going to oak ridge in 4th grade it was hard for me.I have been always moving schools.but not lately i am glad i am going to be in middle school soon.

  14. The thing that Im worryed about in middle school is that the class is going to be hard

    • I had a very good time at oakridge and Im going tomiss them. And i am hoping to make more firends there

  15. I think that i will like going to 7th grade because it as a lot of cool stuff