Extra Credit: Psychology

Go to Fields of Psychology.

For each field, write an essay using the following prompt, print it out, and copy and paste it in the comments section of this post. Also, turn each essay into a PowerPoint, upload it to Authorstream and paste the link in the comment section.

What is (insert name of particular field of psychology), and how can it be applied? Do you think it is an important field? To support your opinion you may use examples from your own experiences, your observations of others, and anything that you have read, including what you read online. Be sure to cite your sources.

Or watch these videos instead.

More Psychology

Using Reading Strategies When Learning About Natural Disasters

Use Bounce to annotate webpages and copy and paste links to them in the comments section. Use these reading strategies:


Making Connections


Ask a Question


Find articles here (please don’t watch videos today — we’ll be bringing headphones and watching videos next week):

Go to this New York Times page and find the “Weather” box at the upper right hand corner and find an article you want to read that answers your questions about natural disasters.

Natural Disasters at Discover Magazine

Natural Disasters at The Guardian

Everest Equipment

Research what equipment is needed in order to climb Mt. Everest. You can find a list here, or explore these links.

Then research what the equipment looks like and how much each piece costs. You can explore various links here.

Copy and past the images and costs for what you think are the twenty most important pieces of equipment. You can do that on Spaaze, Loose Leaves or EdCanvas (or try out other sites here).

Put them into these categories:

Clothing — Inner Wear
Clothing — Outer Wear
Protective Gear For Hands and Head
Climbing Equipment
Food & Drink

Post the link to your project in the comments section of this post.