Diego Rivera

Diego Rivera is a famous Mexican painter.

First, please read about him and write a one or two sentence summary about him, and leave it in the comments section of this post. You can read about him here and here. There are many resources about him here.

After you have left that description, take some time to look at his paintings and murals:

Diego Rivera Web Museum

Diego Rivera in Mexico City

After you have looked at many of his paintings and murals, it will be your turn to paint.

Please use Flashpaint to paint a picture in the style of Diego Rivera. Be sure to title it, email it to yourself, and then paste the link in the comments section of this post.

Learning About Latin Studies

Go to these resources and look through them.

Write at least one ABC paragraph (Answer the question; Back it up with a quotation from the test; make a Connection) — you can receive extra credit if you write more — answering the question:

What is something interesting you learned related to Latin Studies?

First write it in a Word document. Then, copy and paste it in the comments section.