“Creating” something new is the highest level of the Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy.

When you are done with your classwork, or when you are in Mr. Williams’ class on Friday, talk with Mr. Ferlazzo or Ms. Hull about what would be most appropriate for you to create using one of these tools. Then post the link to your completed project in the comments section.

As you know, Mr. Ferlazzo and Ms. Hull write books about education, and teachers throughout the world use examples of our students’ work to show their own students how to use these kinds of sites. Please keep that in mind as you try your best.

Make a game with Purpose Games (you have to register first) .

Create a map with Zee Maps or Scribble Maps (no registration required).

Annotate a webpage with WebKlipper (no registration required).

Create a Picture Data Set with Spaaze or Corkboard.Me (no registration required).

Create an Internet Scavenger Hunt with TxtBear or with Instablogg (No registration required). You can also use them to write a report.

Create a test for a classmate to take with Testmoz (no registration required).

Create an online interactive cloze with LearnClick (Registration is required).

Create a tutorial with Tildee about how we do each of our learning strategies (no registration required).

Send a postcard imagining you’re in one of the places in Nations Illustrated (no registration required).