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  1. One day when I come to the United State I don’t understand English and I say I never learned English and now I understand a little more and some time I speak this language with friends

  2. On example of growth mindset one time
    That I was learning how to change a
    Transmission of a car with my dad he
    Wanted to teach me but I was frustrated
    I was not able to due but the next day i
    Learned how to change that transmission
    I didn’t give up and try again.

  3. Pei Yun

    When I came to the USA, I can speak a little bit English. I don’t know how to speak Spanish. So I don’t know how to talk with my classmates’ don’t understand what they talk about. But I think if I keep moving forward and never give up, then I can speak English faster. If I can speak English, then I think I can talk with my friends.

  4. My story
    When I came to USA I knew have to speak English but not much. I thought it will be hard for me but I was able to overcome my fear. When I spiked with my friends they didn’t understand what I was talking about. Then I started reading books and my English was improving. Then I started talking in English with my friends. Know people can understand what am talking about. That’s have I was able to learn English

  5. Last year when I came
    To this country I couldn’t
    Speak English, right now
    I can speak a little bit of
    English because I practice
    Every night.

  6. I play volleyball for 3 years , blocking was a skill that is very important to the game , but it very hard to do. At first when I play I can’t block very much , I try to land some good block , but It hard to do so. But I didn’t give up I keep practice and practice Now I’m a good block.

  7. Growth mindset Story
    So about a year and a half ago, I was playing a puzzle game that if you fail to solve it, the puzzle will reset and I have to do everything over again. I failed many times, it takes up to like 5 hours of my free times, I should have given up, but I keep trying. Some more try I realize that the puzzle always follow the same pattern. So I do a fail, remember, and try again tactic, 3 hours later I solved the puzzle.

  8. One day I try to speak English and I can’t because I’m very nervous, but today I don’t try I do and I can speak English a little bit in my class.
    I’m nervous when I talking class and all the people speak English and I don’t know what they say, but I try my best to speak English with them.

  9. One time there was this math problem that I couldn’t learn how to solve it and it was hard but then I learn how to do it and I keep practicing until I learn good how to do it and it was easier but I never gave up.

  10. Last year I don’t understand English at all, but this year I can understand a little bit more English. I know it is hard for me to learn it, but I try my best to learn it because it’s will help me on my journey of education. Everything is possible so that’s why I try my best never give up on learning English

  11. Growth Mindset story
    Once a time I believe that we born with talents and intelligent, but I changed my mind after I start play basketball. When the first time I play, I was suck and frustrated and I always lose. People were laugh at me say that I can’t ball. I hate the feel of losing and I don’t like people look down on me. I work hard every day to practice my skill and keep challenge myself. As the day goes on I got improve a lot than before, so I better than most of them right now and I believe I will better than all of them. Just work hard and keep moving in order to become the guy you want to be.

  12. Growth Mindset Story
    When I was young, I don’t how to ride the bike, but I want to try. So my dad say ‘‘try, you can do it’’ Whenever I fail, my dad always used these words to inspired me. So, I can ride the bike now. Do not give up, keep moving forward. Things can be better if you keep trying and learn from yours mistakes or your failure.

  13. One week ago I was doing my homework and I didn’t understand one problem of math and I wanted to give up but I knew I am smart. Then I looked in my notes and finally did it and I was proud of myself.

  14. Two weeks ago I didn’t know how to write the days of the week and the name of the months but I didn’t give up I keep practicing and now I know how to write them

  15. When I come to America. I didn’t know how to speak English. When I went to my first school here. It was really hard for me to talk with people and communicate with them. I was really shy and can’t talk with anybody. I start to talk with people and I challenged myself to learn English and I did and I am still learning English .

  16. When I come the first time to the school in the United States I don t understand English and I don t understand my classes, but now I learn more English and I understand my classes.

  17. One time that I show growth mindset was during my freshmen year because I did not understand any English at all. I didn’t have any friends. I was so frustrated because learning English it was so hard for me. But I did not give up I put all my effort to learn English. From that experience I learn that having a growth mindset is really important because it helps to develop your intelligence. And helps us to become better learners.

  18. My First try out Playing softball.
    my friend never like playing softball because they are afraid of fast ball. They try to convince me to not join the softball team, but that didn’t stop me from going and learn something new, at first I failed, and again, again, it’s frustrating but I keep my self thinking positive. its take me a long time to succeed but I’m glad I learn from my mistakes too.

  19. I did not pass a package that My Spanish teacher gave me but I did not give up and I gave a try again and this time I did pass it.

  20. When I came here to united states i didn’t know english a lot ,I failed and failed all my english test,but I never give up from trying ,I never really how to pronoun some English words and sometime my friends laugh at me but they never stop me from speaking English.

    Suzeean Lani

  21. When I came here to united states i didn’t know english a lot ,I failed and failed all my english test,but I never give up from trying ,I never really how to pronoun some English words and sometime my friends laugh at me but they never stop me from speaking English.


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