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  1. In the first day at Florin High School. I felt sad and scared because I did not know any English, so I can’t talk to other people. When I did not know what to do, a staff told a girl to so me my classes and other school areas. I realized that we had the same schedule. In first period, she asks me:” What Your Names?” When I told her my name is Nhi, she said that we had the same name. She also introduced me to other Vietnamese students and told them to help me with my English. I felt very happy and appreciate her because she had helped a lot. Finally, we become best friends.

    When I first come here I didn’t know how to speak English and my grades are no good. I feel nervous. On May 31 2016 with my family. In Sacramento CA. I see my mom after 11 years. I start to meet new people and new friends. I start to learn how to speak English. I start to study in Luther Burbank and learn a lot. I started to know a lot of new things and meet nice people here.

  3. When I went to six flags, it was fun, this happened a month ago, all my family, we buy the tickets first, I use all the rides, we got food, I went to see shows and I feel good after that.
    When we were in are way to six flags they were telling me that “six flags are close to san Francisco and there are other six flags it’s smaller”. When we got there, I heard people screamed, I smell the food so we when a buy something to eat, it was delicious.
    This event is important to me because it’s something I’ll never forget.

  4. My first day at school.
    Two months ago, in my first day at school in Luther Burbank high school. I was scared. I was scared because I didn’t know how to speak in English. I was scared because I didn’t know anybody. I was nervous because I didn’t know where is my classroom. Mr. Ferlazzo make me feel comfortable because he spoke to me in Spanish. I was happy because the class is over and I went home. I feel happy because I learn to speak English and now I have friends.

  5. When I came to the U S A.

    I first went to the airport. I saw the planes. I was so excited. My siblings were there. I hugged them. Then I arrived to Los Angeles. I heard people talking in English. But later I came to Sacramento. A person asks me where I was from. I said I from Mexico. It feels sad because I left everything behind.

  6. When I came to United States.
    When I came to united stated I felt nervous. I came to united states one year ago whit my mom and my sister. The first day I came to united states I felt nervous. I miss my dad because he did not come with us. I felt shy on my first day of school. I did not know what to do because I did not know anyone. I met more people and friends at school and I was happy. Later I call my dad. Hi dad how is you? ‘’Hello my son I am fine and how was your trip’ ’I’m fine and my trip was a little hard.! I miss you so much dad.

  7. I come to Amerika last year in the summer. Because my country have the bad condition. In my country people have low in come. But in America people have the better in come. Which made my family decide to come to America. To get better life.


    One year ago. I came to school for the first time in U.S.A and I was very nervous and tension. The school name is Luther Burbank high school. What happen was first my father took me to this school and talked to Ms. Buric.
    Then the next day I came to school I met a Chinese boy and girl name youzhi and peiyun. Peiyun was my counselor.
    They also taught me English every day and with their help I was getting use to this school. Finally, few months later, I met some new friends.


  9. When I came to united states
    Everything was very difficult. When I first went to school there were not teachers that speak Spanish. I just felt alone. later I met other girls who also did not speak English and they were in the same situation as me. I became friend with then and I did not feel alone any more.

  10. Sad days

    When I came to USA with my mom I felt sad. Eight months ago we crossed the borders in Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico. First I left with my mom from Honduras, second we arrived at Guatemala, third we went to Villa Hermosa Mexico, fourth we arrived at Reynosa Tamaulipas, Mexico. They kidnapped us they asked for money to my family in order to let us go. When my family paid the money that they were asking they let us go free and we were able to come the United States.

    My name is Yoselin; I was born in Tijuana, B.C. When I was a child I didn’t knew my father. My mom married my step-father when I was four years old. I have lived all my life with my mom. I have a sister and a brother but I am the oldest. When I met my real father I did not want to because I thought that he did not want to live with me. When we met we quickly had a good communication. After two years I decided to live with my father and my mom only said, “If you want it is ok with me.” We decided to come to the USA although we only have visa and we do not have paper. My dad and I we are the best friends, and sometimes my mom feels jealous. I love my parents and they support me on everything I want to do. It is very important for me, that they live with me and always give me their support, which makes me feel happy and pleased, and I am proud that they are my parents.

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