A New Country Is Born

On Your Own

Watch this movie on the American Revolution. Please take both quizzes.

Watch this movie on The Declaration of Independence. Please take both quizzes.

SAS The Stamp Act

Look at this famous painting about the signing of the Declaration of Independence and learn who is in the painting.

Complete this cloze about Thomas Jefferson.

Learn about Sally Hemings

Complete this cloze about the American Revolution.

Revolutionary War interactives

History Channel videos on American Revolution

With A Partner

Learn about the battles during the Revolutionary War.

Play The American Revolution Timeline Game with a partner.

Go to Class Zone. Click on Middle School, click on California and then click on Find Your Book. Next, click on American History. Then click on Animated History. Explore the animations.

1. Have you ever done something that was not "fair" in order to get something you wanted. What was it?

2. Do you think what Washington did was fair to the British?

3. When is it important to be fair to others, and when is it not important? Why?

Learn about the American Flag



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