The Constitution

On Your Own

SAS Constitutional Convention

Watch this move about The U.S. Constitution.

Watch this movie about U.S. symbols.

Learn about the Branches of Government.

Here's another movie about the branches of government.

Learn about Political Parties.

Watch Why Do People Need Governments?

Read What Is The Constitution?

Complete this cloze on the Constitution.

Correct these Constitution sentences.

Explore these Constitution activities.

Constitution Games is from PBS.

Mr. Nussbaum’s Page on the Constitution.

Annenberg Classroom interactives on the Constitution.

Constitution Relay

The Constitution and Bill of Rights from iCivics.

Here’s a lesson from the PBS News Hour.

Take this interactive quiz at The Washington Post.

Separation of Powers -- Three Branches of Government


Read this overview of the Constitution. If you think that is too easy for you, read this instead.


Watch this movie on Political Parties.

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