Americans Move West

Research about the Chinese in California here.

Learn about the Wounded Knee Massacre.


Learn about Western Railroads.

Travel the Transcontinental Railroad.

Watch this video

Read about Chinese Tongs and watch the video.

Learn about cattle drives. Be sure to click on the lower left hand corner so you can see the words as they are spoken.

Watch all the videos on this page.

Play this game about Westward expansion.

Learn about Western Native American Lands.

Look at the reduction of Native American lands on this map.

Look at these images of the West.

Build a Sod House.

Watch and read about the movement of the American population. Be sure to click on the lower right corner so you can see the words that are being spoken.


Read The Reasons For Westward Expansion.

Complete these clozes.

Here is a picture of the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad.

Try The Race To Utah!

Click on this link and wait for Mr. Ferlazzo to give instructions.

Read about Chinese workers on the railroad and answer the question on your website.


Take notes in at least two categories: Construction of Railroads and Impact of Railroads

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