New Inventions Change The United States

Research three inventors and create a data set on each one.


Watch this video about American inventors.

Learn about inventors.

Watch this movie about Thomas Edison and take the quizzes.

You can read more about Edison here.

Watch these early films made by Edison.

Watch this movie about transportation inventions.

Here's a picture of the Wright Brothers' first plane.

Play the Wright Brothers game.

Alexander Graham Bell: Early recordings played is a neat interactive from The Associated Press.

Read and answer the questions about Alexander Graham Bell.

Look at these Wright Brothers pictures.

Read and answer the questions about Thomas Edison.


Copy and paste this cloze about the Wright Brothers on your Posterous blog and complete it.

Look through this invention timeline. Please write down three questions you have about one or more of the inventions.

Watch this Alexander Graham Bell movie.

Interactive Experiments


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