The End Of World War II

Complete this activity on what life was like in the U.S. during the war. Get the code from Mr. Ferlazzo.

Learn about the Marshall Plan
. Get the code from Mr. Ferlazzo.


Look at this Second World War Timeline.

Watch these videos on World War II.

Inside World War II: A Global Perspective.

Code Talkers

D-Day To Victory

Watch these two movies about the Holocaust and take the quizzes:

* Holocaust

* Anne Frank

Learn more about Anne Frank at

The Best Sites To Learn About Anne Frank

Learn more about The Holocaust.

Please read the first two paragraphs on this page about the Holocaust (click MP3 Listening so you can hear the words spoken). The do this exercise.

Watch these videos about The Holocaust.

Watch this with Spanish subtitles

Look at these resources:

The Best Sites For Learning About The Holocaust

Complete this activity about D-Day and watch the video.

Watch this movie about the Allied Victory.

Learn about the atomic bombings of Japan at:

The Best Resources For Learning About The Atomic Bombings Of Japan

If there's time, go to The Best Sites For Learning About The Holocaust and look at the sites on that list.

Learn about the war in the Pacific at:

The Best Sites For Learning About The War In The Pacific


Read about World War II Remembered.

The History Channel has many short videos on the war, as does How Stuff Works.

Remembering D-Day, 66 years ago is a great set of images from The Boston Globe's Big Picture.


Spanish videos on World War II

More Spanish videos

Brainpop World War II

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