2 thoughts on “Autobiographical Incident Essay

  1. Is soccer fun? I think soccer is fun for me. Soccer is favorite thing to play with my team or friends. Since I have played soccer I never get hurt. In soccer you have to know the skills.
    First time I play soccer I was nervous because I don’t know how to play. My brother and my friends teach me how to play soccer then after that I start play soccer with my classmate and I play in team.
    I started playing soccer with my neighbor and friends. I have learned with them a lot. Then I join the team I see different kind of people, and teams. Each team was practice before the game started. I heard pass me, shoot it, and kick it. I was so excited to play soccer in a team before I have never thought about it. I was happy, friend and my family’s. I have play soccer in school too. “If you guys play well we will go for lunch today” my couch said. “You are a good player, my couch said.” “Thank you” I said. “let’s go for lunch” my couch said. Then he took us to the MCDONALDS we ate a lot of stuff. Then we all went home I was so tied that day. I was so happy that day.
    Back then I feel so nervous because I don’t know how to play soccer with a lot of people. First I said that I can’t play soccer. Then I practice and practice and get better than before. Now I feel happy because I know to play soccer with any one I got better now. Now I know how to play soccer and I know skills. Right now I play for Sacramento Muslim team.

    by: Aiseia B.

    I was hanging on the roof thought i would of break my leg or die flatten on the ground,
    its was a beautiful day not long enough till me and my brother decided to head out (climbing on roof) my cousin ‘DERRICK’ decided to come with us,
    We head out and climb onto and roof just to see nature, it was a beautiful day i was the one fooling around and kind of slip off a bit and lucky my right hand got hold onto the edge of the roof, while i was pulling my self up i see my cousin & brother laughing i was scared and mad at the same time. “you two idiots” is said, they never replied because they were busy laughing, after settling down my cousin said “how was it hanging on the roof?” i replied “scared and mad cause you two idiots were just standing and laughing”. After chatting we all when’t back and eat foods.

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